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School Lunch Menu Planner

  Planning school lunches may be easy for some but for the rest of us, we tend to run out of ideas. Ideally, a school lunch will include well-balanced portions of food- healthy with a little bit of treats to enjoy. I am passionate about packing a healthy and processed food-free (as much as we can) school lunch but I also pack my girl's some sweets or desserts that are store-bought. Notice that I said, "as much as we can". This is because I am still a frugal mama and I truly believe that moderation is the key (with the exception of food allergies). 

 I also believe in flexibility. There are just a variety of factors to consider when shopping and prepping school lunches: budget, your family dynamic, your busy schedule, and so on. Sometimes, it's okay to use convenience foods because the situation calls for it. 

 There are also picky eaters. I can say that both of my girls go through phases. There was a time when they can not have enough apple sauce pouches. Now, it is still a hit and miss. They use to love ants on a log. Not anymore. For my family, variety and choices work well. I shop at different stores and have a rotation: Aldi, Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco. Trader Joe, and Grocery Outlet.  Stay awhile and I will be sharing several school lunch ideas as well as breakfast that I have shared on previous posts so it will be a one-stop resource for busy parents. Do not forget to print the SCHOOL LUNCH MENU PLANNER to make your planning a breeze! 

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Here's your free printable, you can download the PDF two ways, through Google drive or through Acrobat. You can just also save the image on your computer. Feel free to share this free printable with your friends and family, I only asked that you direct them to this blog post.  

TIP: Laminate this menu planner so you can use it over and over again. All you need is a laminator, laminate sheets, dry erase marker, and fridge magnets.

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