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Instant Pot Yogurt

 We always have yogurt in our fridge, we love it as a snack, in our smoothies, and as a healthy baking substitute or ingredient. It makes any baked goodies moist and fluffy.  You can use yogurt as a substitute for mayo, sour cream, dressings, dips, and buttermilk. Yogurt is also one of the recipes that I was intimidated to make. Until we realized how much yogurt we consume and how much a tub of organic yogurt costs us in a month. I watched a handful of videos on how to make homemade yogurt, there is a crockpot method and an oven method. Then there's the Instant Pot method- a no-brainer method that works for me so I do not mess up my favorite snack.

 You will need an Instant Pot that has a yogurt function. We had to buy a second Instant Pot since my first Instant Pot did not have this function. Also, I did not want my yogurt to smell like all the food we cooked in that pot. While buying a second Instant Pot may not sound cost-effective, we figured a second Instant Pot will save us money in the long run since we will not have to buy tubs of yogurt plus I can use the second pot to make food that doesn't leave a distinct smell (like rice, pasta, or beans).

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 This Instant Pot yogurt is a 24-hr ferment recipe and what we consume on the GAPS diet. This homemade yogurt is so easy to make and contains strains of gut-healing good bacteria, protein, and vitamins. I always make this recipe using a gallon of milk and store them in mason jars. Fermenting the yogurt 24 hr might be tart for some, but the 24 hr fermentation will give you more probiotics. Please be reminded also that the quality of your yogurt will depend on what type of milk you will use, your starter, and the temperature. Do not use ultra-pasteurized milk. Other people use raw milk, I just do not have access to it. I used a store-bought organic yogurt as a starter but you can use a quality yogurt culture starter that you can buy at any health food store and Amazon

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1 gallon of milk- I use whole milk

1/2 cup plain yogurt or yogurt starter culture. 


Pour the milk into your Instant Pot. Press the saute function. You will need to whisk the milk constantly and let it rise to 180 degrees. 

Once it reached 180 degrees, press the cancel button.

Let the milk cool down to 115 degrees. Whisk it constantly to prevent the milk from forming a "film".

Once it cools down to 115 degrees, whisk in your 1/2 cup of yogurt.

Choose the 24-hr option on the yogurt function and just let it be for 24 hrs.  After 24 hrs, I store my yogurt in mason jars. If you see a whole lot of yellowish-clear liquid inside the pot, do not throw it and do not be alarmed, that liquid is called whey. Do not throw it away! 

 I carefully scoop the whey and store it in a smaller mason jar. I use the whey as a fermenting starter on veggies, sprouting beans, soaking nuts, and you can also use it on soups or shakes. Whey is very healthy, pack full of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Store your yogurt in the fridge. We love the yogurt with honey, fruits like berries, and granola.

You can also use raw honey if you are trying to consume less processed products.

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