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Sourdough Waffles

 These sourdough waffles had become one of my family's favorite breakfast recipes. It is a simple yet delicious and healthy recipe.  I use a fed sourdough starter (starter that I fed 12 hrs before) in this recipe.  When I do not plan to make a lot of sourdough recipes in a week, I keep my sourdough starter in the fridge. And when I want to use it, I will take it out of the fridge, feed it, and use the active bubbly sourdough the next day. It is the perfect timing for making best-tasting sourdough waffles, the next day...when your starter is fed and "happy".  I have also made this using an unfed sourdough starter.  The only significant change that my family notice is that it tastes sourer than using a fed starter

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 I also love freezing the waffles for later consumption. Especially on busy school mornings. Just make sure that you flash freeze the waffles so they don't stick together when you are ready to serve them. You can thaw the waffles the night before and microwave the waffles to warm them up. These waffles are gut-friend;y and easy on the pockets. This recipe also uses coconut oil. In my opinion, it adds extra flavor. Of course you cn use olive oil or canola oil


2 cups sourdough starter

1/4 cup coconut oil

2 eggs

1/2  teaspoon salt

1 tsp cinnamon

2-3 tbsp of honey

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp baking soda


This is my fed sourdough starter. I fed the starter the night before.

Preheat your waffle maker.  Mix all of the ingredients in a large bowl except for the baking soda. Mix until all the ingredients well. Add in the baking soda (it will produce more bubbles). Mix thoroughly.

Spray your waffle maker with nonstick spray. I add about 3/4 cups so I don't overfill it. Cook the batter for about 4-5 minutes. 

We love the sourdough waffles with maple syrup and Nutella. You can add a whipped cream topping or a fruit syrup topping.

We have also tried adding chocolate chips to our waffle batter and they taste delicious! You can make the mixture the night before to save some time, all you have to do is to add the coconut oil and baking soda the next morning.

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