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Anti-Anxiety Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe

 Here's another good diffuser recipe from Simply Earth. It only uses two essential oil recipes. I love diffusing it in the morning to get my day going or just when I needed to relax and let go of the worries of the day. I love diffusing this anti-anxiety essential oil recipe while I read my devotionals too! There is nothing like giving your worries and troubles to God. Humbly posturing our needs and anxiety through prayers while allowing our sense of smell to work its magic. 

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 If you are not familiar with Simply Earth, I have been using them for over two years now. I have also written several blog posts on their products and different essential oil recipes. You can start on this post, Essential Oil for Beginners where I shared why I think they are worth our money and how much I support their cause. Not only do you get a full-size or bigger bottle and quality essential oil, but they are also affordable and NOT an MLM company. 

This anti-anxiety essential oil recipe does not replace any medical or prescription needs you may have and if you think you have anxiety, do not hesitate to seek help. There are a lot of amazing avenues that can help you with your anxiety such as spiritual (our faith), family and friends, medical and psychological support, homeopathy, and also..the food route. Your mental health is IMPORTANT. And I say, you do everything you need to help yourself.  

You can print this anti-anxiety diffuser recipe for easy reference. Feel free to share this essential oil recipe but if you can directly lead it to this blog post, it will greatly help my blog and share this amazing essential oil company.

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2 drops of Peace and Quiet Essential Oil Blend

1 drop of Juniper Berry Essential Oil

You will need:

Diffuser. Here's mine from Amazon.

5 ml amber bottle if you will be making a master blend


1. Add the essential oils to your diffuser in an open room. If you have a pet, leave the door open so they can walk out of the room if they are sensitive to the smell.

2. To create a master blend or a bigger batch: Fill a 5 ml bottle with 60 drops of Peace and Quiet Essential Oil Blend and 30 drops of Juniper Berry. To diffuse, just add 1 to 3 drops to your diffuser.

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