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Feel Good Morning Diffuser


  Here's one of the essential oil recipes that I love to diffuse in the morning. I've been diffusing it often lately since the school shifted to distance learning after the holiday break. The good scents lingering in our home keeps us moving, alert, and helps with our mood. Who doesn't love a good smelling house when you start your day (even coming home from a busy day).

The essential oil that used is from Simply Earth. The recipe came with the monthly subscription box, an essential oil recipe box with everything you need to create a toxin-free home.  How much does it cost? The box is $39/month BUT if you buy the individual content of the box...I can guarantee you that you will be spending well above $100 for quality and pure essential oils.

Plus, if you will be ordering or subscribing for the first time, you will get a FREE BIG BONUS BOX.  Here are the contents of my big bonus box that came with the subscription. It is a gift that kept on going!

New to Simply Earth? Here are my previous posts as your resources:

To learn more about Simply Earth, visit their website and learn about their cause (donating 13% of every purchase to help stop human trafficking).

Here's the recipe for the Feel Good Morning Diffuser, you can right-click and save the graphic on your computer. Print for personal use only. The printable is 5x 3. Print using cardstock and laminate if you plan on using it on a regular basis.  This recipe is originally from Simply Earth.

To print a PDF format without the A Bountiful Love watermark: Click HERE:
To print a JPEG image without the A Bountiful Love watermark: Click HERE.

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  1. This is a fantastic introduction to Simply Earth. I had never heard of them before. I think essential oils are a great concept that I need to look into more. Especially when they give you recipes to help you along!


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