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Complexion Face Serum Recipe (Essential Oil)

Who's with me on spending stay at home orders with the intention of being productive?  I made a list, my friends ...of things I want to accomplish. It is a pretty long one. One month into the stay at home order due to the pandemic, did I accomplish each and every item on my list? Nope. Not even half of the project list. The distance learning kept this momma busy and other things occupied my time. However, still happy with the projects that I and my family had accomplished. Those were still projects that will not get done without the gift of time from this pandemic (yes, a blessing in disguise).

I was able to make my essential oil recipes. There are just so many blends that we can do. I was able to make my EO hand sanitizer, toxin-free countertop spray, and some roll-on recipes for me and my husband as well as the kids.

We use Simply Earth's essential oil and have been on their monthly subscription. If you want to read about their subscription, I have written about my previous subscription box.

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 For a preview of May's box, keep on reading!

Inside Simply Earth's May box

For May's essential oil subscription box, you will get 4 full-size (15ml) pure essential oils, 1 oz container, lavender buds, 6 recipe cards, labels, and a 1/2 oz container. The 4 full -sized essential oils include Tangerine, Marjoram, Good Vibes (NEW!), and Ladie's choice.

 Here are the recipe cards! The recipes included every month are easy to follow and very useful. It is curated monthly and sometimes I wonder how do they even know what to send each month because they send you the oils that you perfectly needed at that specific month.

As always, what I love about Simply Earth is that they are not an MLM company, making their oil affordable. They do have an affiliate program for bloggers like me. For every purchase that you make through my links, I will get a small commission. So I thank you in advance if you decide to purchase through my links. Just know that I will not recommend nor support a product that my family does not use on a regular basis. Each month they also support an organization that fights human trafficking. For May, they are donating 13% of profits to Dton Naam (Based in Bangkok, Thailand). Dton Naam transforms the lives of boys who were forced into human trafficking. You can visit their site, or you can read about Simply Earth's commitment to helping HERE.

Aside from the recipes given each month, feel free to blend and use them (safely) with your other oils. Visit their site for more recipes and tips! Pinterest is also a good source of not only essential oil diffuser recipes but also other skincare recipes. I am sharing or of the recipe from May's box below:

Complexion Face Serum


1 oz Almond Oil
2 drops Good Vibes Essential Oil Blend
3 drops Tangerine Essential Oil
1 drop Marjoram Essential Oil
1 oz container


1. Fill 1 oz container with almond oil to where the bottle curves.
2. Add essential oils. Shake well to mix.

To use:
After washing your face, gently apply a Nickle-sized amount to face using your fingers. For a deep oil treatment, wet a soft cloth with warm water and place it over your face. Allow it to rest for 5-10 minutes.

If it is your first time ordering, Use my code (ABOUNTIFULFREE) to receive a $40 gift card to use for future purchases PLUS you get the BONUS BOX with your initial purchase!! 

If you have any questions regarding the oils, send us an email. Also, visit their Facebook page and sign-up on their website. They always share recipes, tips, and how-to videos!

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