Summer Skin Care with Essential Oils - A Bountiful Love

Summer Skin Care with Essential Oils

Summer vacation is officially here! We planned a few getaways and day trips that the whole family will love. I love planning vacations as well as day trips. Making sure that we have everything that we need is something that I am still working on (aside from packing less!). The key is getting organized and trust m, I still use a pen and paper list.

Even though we love to go places in Summer, we also need to make sure that our trip is frugal and financially sensible. I'm a snack packer. A chronic one. I just couldn't get to let our family eat fast food all day long or buy snacks from an expensive market. One of these days, I will share an extensive list of healthy as well as an affordable snack that you can pack for trips.

Skincare during summer is also something that I am trying to be consistent about. We all know that extended and longer exposure to UVB (ultraviolet B) radiation can be destructive and even more harmful to children. Choosing the right and natural sunscreen protection and proper application are both equally important. A 2013 research cited several natural sunscreens such as aloe vera, tomato, pomegranate, green tea, cucumber, Indian beech tree, grapes, almonds, shea butter, and African tulip tree. Also, sunscreens need to be applied 30 minutes before heading out for better skin penetration and reapplication is also essential.

I can not stress it enough that using natural skin care products such as sunscreens and after-sun care is the best for your family. But with the vast products labeled as natural, it is hard to discern what's best to purchase and what's safe. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recently published a proposed regulation ensuring the effectiveness and safeness of sunscreens. I suggest that you start with that.

Now speaking of skincare, I want to share my JUNE Essential Oil Subscription Box from Simply Earth.

What's in the box?

Essential Oils: palmarosa, grapefruit, aniseed, head soothing essential oil blend.
Aloe Vera Juice
Aluminum Spray Mist Bottle
Dried Hibiscus Leaves
Recipe cards

I have shared previously that Simply Earth's subscription box is perfect for beginners wanting to dive into using EO into your daily living. It is $39 a month and a well-worth investment for yourself and your family. Purchasing quality EO individually plus the ingredients and supplies needed may cost you around $100.

Also, Simply Earth gives back to the community. Their cause supports the fight against human trafficking. Here are a few disturbing and alarming stats; between 14,500 and 17, 5000 are trafficked into the US each year, the average ages that enter the sex trade are 12 to 14 years old, and the state of California harbors the three largest child sex trafficking area (San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles).

Visit Simply Earth's website and learn more about the organizations they support that fights human trafficking. Isn't that a great cause to support? You get quality and affordable EO products and supplies and make a difference at the same time. Did I mention that they have great customer service? Grab your box now!

Don't wait for the last minute! Last month's box sold out quickly!

If it is your first time ordering, Use my code (ABOUNTIFULFREE) to receive a $40 gift card to use for future purchases PLUS you get the BONUS BOX with your initial purchase!!

Not ready for a box? No problem! Simply Earth also sells individual EO, EO blends, accessories, and jewelry. 

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