Essential Oil Starter Box - A Bountiful Love

Essential Oil Starter Box

Hey there, friends! It's a wet and chilly day here where I'm at and I love every minute of it. I'm excited to share another great offer from Simply Earth! As most of my readers, friends, and family knows...I am a huge fan of Simply Earth. Here's why?

1. They take the guesswork out of using essential oils, making your own blends, and recipes.
2. Simply Earth is very affordable! Quality and pure essential oils for half the prize.
3. They have a special cause! 13% of their profits help the fight to end human trafficking.
4. They offer monthly recipe box subscription for only $39 (valued at $100)- such a great deal for quality oils. Read more about what's inside the box HERE (Quality Essential Oils for Beginners and Frugal People).

If this is the first time you have heard of Simply Earth, I highly suggest that you read and browse through a couple of my previous posts.

1. Quality Essential Oils for Beginners and Frugal People; or
2. Essential Oils for Kids

I mentioned above that I love how affordable their oils are. Their essential oils are 15 ml, half the price if you compare them with other companies. For instance, this month's starter box came with Frankincense and Tea Tree Oil. The whole recipe box is only $39. Now, go ahead and research the price for Frankincense and Tea Tree Oil (15ml).

Why are they offering a starter box?

Their monthly recipe box subscription sells out very fast. They are now offering starter box so interested buyers will no longer have to wait to get your hands on the month's themed recipe box!


Here's a quick video for you!

Included in the box are 4 full-sized essential oils, recipe cards, and supplies you need to make the recipes. 

Cute labels for EO containers,

and the recipe cards.

Some of you have asked me if ALL the supplies are included. There will be a recipe that may need coconut oil or almond oil as a carrier or will need beeswax. If you are a first-time subscriber, you will receive a FREE BONUS BOX with all these goodies.

The bonus box that came with my first themed recipe box includes several EO containers such as roll-on bottles and a spray bottle, carrier oils, and beeswax. 

If ever you run out of supplies, Simply Earth also sells them individually. Amazon also sells amber glass and some of the supplies you may need. Some of the recipes will need ingredients that you already have like vinegar or distilled water.

13 % of profits from your purchase go to help END HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

Need more information? Visit their website HERE.

Ready to try Simply Earth? Use my code (ABOUNTIFULFREE) to receive a $40 gift card to use for future purchases PLUS you get the BONUS BOX with your initial purchase!!

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