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Frugal Crockpot Recipes


Crockpot Beef and Barley Soup

A quick and affordable meal that can feed a family of four with leftovers! You can replace ground beef with ground turkey for a more affordable option. If you prefer larger pieces of meat, stew meat is perfect for this recipe.

frugal and delicious crockpot soup that is not just perfect for fall weather but really any season! It is packed with flavor (savings!). Serve this delicious crockpot soup with homemade bread, sourdough tortilla, and Homemade French bread

   This is probably the easiest crockpot recipe that you can make! Aside from the chicken kegs, I can assure you that you have the rest of the ingredients in your pantry. Perfect for busy weeknights. Pair this easy dinner idea with rice and a side of steamed veggies,

  This a dump-and-go recipe that also uses a few ingredients: frozen pierogis, frozen veggies, pasta sauce, and cheese. If you like meal-prepping like me you can make the pierogis from scratch. I have used both homemade pasta sauce and a storebought jar of sauce and they are equally good!

  This is my favorite crockpot soup! It is full of flavor and simple to make. You can use a pack of Italian sausage links )casings removed) or to save money you can use a 1 lb chub of  Italian Pork Sausage. I usually buy it from Aldi. This recipe makes a ton of servings, and leftovers are guaranteed.

  You will only need a package of frozen green beans, chicken stock, dried thyme, 1 kielbasa sausage, and russet potatoes. Use homemade chicken stock for a healthy gut boost. 

 Use leftover chicken from a store-bought rotisserie chicken. Of course, you can cook your own whole chicken to save more money. Try these two flavorful recipes: Instant Pot Whole Chicken and Oven Roasted Chicken

 Just like several of the recipes that I have already shared, this delicious crockpot Asian honey chicken is flavorful and easy to make. You can make this a freezer meal recipe too! Serve with rice and a side of veggies.

Mexican dish-loving people, this is for you! Just the thought of this slow cooker recipe makes my mouth water. Don't skimp on toppings!

This recipe is a crowd-pleaser and a keeper! Serve with coleslaw, rice, or with mashed potatoes. 

This crockpot mac and cheese recipe is a crowd-pleaser and definitely way better than a store-bought boxed mac and cheese. It yields more servings so it will definitely save you some moolah! 

 Yes, they are sticky, sweet, and delicious! This recipe allows you to cook the chicken in the crockpot for several hours while you are at work and utilizes the oven to give the chicken an extra flavor boost.

 Who says you can't use your crockpot for a breakfast recipe?  This oatmeal recipe is healthy and easy to put together! I love adding chopped apples to it and toppings like nuts, dried cranberries, and chia seeds.

 Your read that right! Lentil tacos. Do not mock this recipe yet until you made it. If you are trying to save money, lentils are a great replacement for meat in recipes. They are a great source of protein! 

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