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Room 1010 Book Review

 I love books that are based on a true story, especially if it is inspirational and moving. I do have a sensitive heart and books can make me cry, Room 1010 moved my mama's heart and I am pretty sure that it touch yours too! Room 1010 was written by Billye Survis, a mom whose heart is to spread the power of faith and prayers. Writing from her own personal experience as well as her family's experience, I love how she didn't take the highlight away from God. She gave all the glory to God. 

 The book, Room 1010 is an easy read but will take you emotionally. Having two daughters of my own, I can't help but imagine if I was the one who went through what she went through or what her family went through. Throughout the book, you can sense the unity in her family, their faith, and trust in God yet being bold to know that they do need a community to pray for them. I always tell my kids that praying for someone is the ultimate gift you can ever give them.

The author, Billye recounted what her daughter, Elynn, and her family went through when she had a freak bike accident. She mentioned that this case was rare, damaging her pancreas plus the treatment to save her life had never been before. It is revolutionary but being the first recipient of a surgical treatment is scary on its own. But through it all, they kept their eyes on Jesus.

She did not minimize her fear or the gravity of her daughter's accident. They just chose not to live in fear. They chose to ask for prayers and trust that God has their back. In a nutshell, This book is a tear-jerker yet faith-inducing book.

 If you need a conviction on how powerful prayers are…read this book! If one person’s prayer is powerful, imagine a family and a community united in prayer. People from different parts of the world prayed for her. God was given all the glory in every situation and miracle they experienced. All throughout the book, you will see God's hands in their lives and all the people God sent to help them: the doctor and nurses, family, relatives, friends, and prayer warriors

Meet the Author

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