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AdelFi Review

 This is not a usual product review post for me. If you have been following or have been a frequent visitor here on my blog, you will notice that my giveaways and reviews are books, products for kids or families, or a family fun event/experience. Reviewing a banking organization/company is new to me. However, just like with any of the books, products, or events that I review, you can trust my honest opinion.

  While I am not yet a customer of AdelFi (Better Banking, Higher Purpose), I absolutely love what they stand for and how they conduct their business. AdelFi may be new to you and you might be more familiar with Evangelical Christian Credit Union or ECCU. ECCU just rebranded to better serve Christian consumers, businesses, non-profits, and ministries. 

 I also love the story behind the name, AdelFi. The root of the new name is the Greek word “adelphos/adelphoi” which is used throughout the New Testament to mean brothers and sisters in Christ. This word occurs over 300 times, including in Mark 3:35 and Hebrews 2:17. In addition, “Adel” is Hebrew for “God is eternal; noble.” The suffix “-fi” is a nod to financial stewardship—gathering God’s gifts for good. The institution's name was very well thought of. It is hard to find a financial institution to trust nowadays. Especially an institution that values Biblical principles and a Christ-centered bank.

So what is Adelfi?

AdelFi is a non-profit Christian bank with Christian values. It is one of the top Christian credit union so you can be assured that whether you’re starting a family, running a business, or serving a non-profit or ministry, AdelFi has products and services that align with both your financial goals and Christian values. By placing your financial resources with AdelFi, you’re uniting your finances with other believers to advance Christian values with empathy and compassion. AdelFi supports thousands of Christian organizations worldwide that spread the Gospel with AdelFi’s commitment to giving back 10% of its profits every year to support Christians.

Here's a quick video for you to watch:

Recycling Christian Dollars 

  In a recent study by AdelFi, it found that young Christian consumers gave nearly 3x more than non-Christians. However, when supporting businesses that aligned with what they aligned with their beliefs/causes, they were no different than non-Christians. And in some instances, non-Christians cared more than Christians about doing business with organizations that aligned with their non-Christian beliefs. This was mainly due to the fact that there aren’t many Christian businesses marketing its values. 
     AdelFi believes that as stewards of God’s money, they support fellow Christian businesses and understand the need to promote the intersection of faith and finances. Daily purchase interactions should have a form of tithing daily. Where you bank has a ripple effect on how resources get used or recycled within the Christian community. Banking with AdelFi means more support to fellow Christian consumers, businesses, churches, non-profits, and causes. In fact, AdelFi is a not-for-profit credit union, where the money doesn’t go to wall street, but to God’s streets – where the Gospel is spread domestically and internationally.

Here are some of the important highlights that you should know about AdelFi:
  • They have easy-to-use digital solutions for individuals, families, Christ-centered ministries, and businesses. 
  • Convenient checking and credit card options that meet your daily needs while impacting many with every swipe.
  • From loans to youth accounts, they serve believers throughout the U.S. and those serving in more than 130 countries. 
  • They promote responsible stewardship through financial guidance and investment resources. 
  • They have been a trusted resource for over 57 years and serve a growing alliance of believers.
I encourage you to visit their website for more information: AdelFi Banking

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