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DIY Ariel Costume

Hello sweet readers, If you are new here..welcome! If you haven't read the part 1 of this tutorial, see it here : DIY Ursula Costume.

I have not met any young girls who doesn't like Little Mermaid. I've met grown ups who love Ariel. And our girl Lucy just went ..ummm..obsessed with it.  How about Little Mermaid song all day? She actually wanted her daddy to dress up as King Triton. Me? she said Flounder.  I prefer Sebastian.

The process for making the Ariel dress, step by step is exactly the same as the DIY Ursula Costume, the only obvious difference are the colors of the tulle, the crochet 6 inch headband , the lining and the lace.  For the lining, I didn't do much just so happened that Lucy already had a sparkly aqua blue tank top. It was perfect for the tutu dress.  No cutting , no hot gluing involved. 

For the tulle, I used the lime green alternating with aqua blue.

I did made her a pearl necklace, I just bought a pack of pearl beads and a string.

How about that wig? Isn't it spot on? We probably went to 3 different stores, to look for a decent Ariel wig. I will be very honest with you..yes they might be a little cheap BUT the quality is so poor. Some wigs you don't even know where the hair line is..some looked like a witch wig disguised in red..some wigs looked like it had been in a long , windy, open window car trip. Are you still with me? It just..didn't look like the photos you see on the package.

Now, this one that I saw on Amazon , the first time I saw it--- love at first sight.

Just read the reviews.


She was four yrs old in this picture and it fits her just fine..

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Now, lets talk about that starfish hair clip..All you need are again a yellow ( golden yellow) felt fabric , needle and a thread, Glue gun,  stuffing and an alligator clip.  

I got the free starfish pattern and tutorial from Natural Kids.  I just added an alligator clip to the back.

Front view..

She totally loves it ( as much as I enjoyed the pictorial part) . It really didn't matter how little we spent on this as compared to buying one from a store.. She just loves Ariel. PERIOD. But for me and the hubby..
it was a win..for staying in budget.

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 I am already thinking about their next costume..

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  1. These are so adorable. I like your unique take on everyday characters. They are different, but not too different so there is no doubt who they are. Thank you for sharing this at #mommymeetupmondays.

  2. I love this! So cute and so unique!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!


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