DIY Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costumes

Halloween was over and we did had a lot of fun. We had a blast putting our girl's costumes together. Hubby and I gave ourselves a pat on the back because we got a lot of compliments with their costumes. I didn't know how much I would enjoy Halloween and all the activities that goes with it until I became a mommy. I had fun looking at all the different costumes and how creative other parents can be.  It was tiring but definitely a great and memorable experience.

When we came home and after the kid's  did their "candy inventory" we were already thinking and brainstorming on next year's costume. I just love dressing them up. We are sure that our costume decision making will end too soon...they will be choosing their own costumes when get to be a big kid. For now, this is one of the things I truly enjoy. The girls absolutely loves The Cat in the Hat and some of Dr. Seuss's books. Thing 1  and Thing 2 are the perfect costume for siblings too!

They both love Cat in the Hat  and Lucy loves the Step One Cat in the Hat book 
as well. So that just validated our decision..ha! I am not a seasoned DIY'er . If it hits my fancy ( and with enough courage) , I will try to DIY something. Have you notice how Halloween costumes can get crazy expensive? I am all for a one day fun however "practicality" is all over my body.

I did try hunting for a cheap Thing 1 and Thing 2. I collected coupons that I may used. However it is still expensive. My husband planted the seed on my mind that we can just put the costume together ourselves. 

The blue wigs are actually for a clown costume. It was a little big for Lil's head but there is nothing a pin can't fix. The red tights and shoes are something that they can use not just on Halloween. And the shirts? How cute are they!!

They used the shirts as well at school. They had a class activity for Dr. Seuss's birthday and they were required to wear something Dr. Seuss. It really came handy! We were also able to use the red tutu's again for Christmas.  We did got our money's worth. The best part? We had fun putting it all together.

Aren't they just adorable?

We got the shirts and tights from Children's place ( sign up and you get 20% off your purchase)  . Their cute shoes are from Oakwest.  These cute and fun blue wigs  ,  red tutus ( which comes in different colors too! ) and the thing 1 and 2 shirt decals are from

We also chose not to go for the "usual" thing 1 and 2 costume which is a jumpsuit ,  we thought a lil creativity is awesome.



Thank you for stopping by and know that all of your comments are appreciated !