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Top 10 Keepsakes to Make for Your Children

1. Letters to my daughter(s) / son notebook

Purchase a journal notebook and write letters to your children. Topics can range from how your day went , the happiness they bring you, their silliness and your struggles. It can also be a letter for when they feel : sad, unloved, unworthy, fear , worry. Your letters will serve your children someday for when they have their own family.

2. Handprint salt dough

Who does not find a baby hand print adorable? Make this easy and affordable salt dough. I made several of them already. Do not forget to write the date and their ages!

DIY handprint

3. Baby clothes stuff toy

I have at least three baby footie pajamas of both of our girls that I love. When I see them, I vividly remember my babies wearing them. Since moms are known for hoarding baby clothes ( trust me, the struggle is real), why not make a stuffed toy out of it.

4.Onesies or favorite shirt blanket

 Aside from the footie pajamas hoarding that we, mamas have... I am one to admit that I do have a onesie hoarding problem too. Let's transform the cute onesies into a blanket. I stumbled upon this cute blanket on Pinterest.
 image from Cherishing Charlotte

5.Pictures of their first day of school binder

Do you take pictures of your kid's firsts day of school? I certainly do. I recently started taking last day of school photos too. I love making a side by side comparison of our kid's photos to see how much they have grown. All you need to have is a good size binder, some sheet protectors and creativity. Compile those photos and give it to them on their graduation day.

Here's our little bug, she is finally in Kindergarten. 

Here's the big sister last school year 

6.Memory box

Hospital memories...the good, bad and ugly. The good, welcoming our bundle of joy. The bad and the ugly...are the labor pains and if you had a Csection like me..the recovery. Whatever labor experience we all had, I'm a hundred percent sure that nothing will top your joy as seeing your baby.  Keep the hospital keepsakes, ultrasound pictures and coming home outfits in one super cute way! Make a memory box.

7. Smash penny collection

This is my husband's influence. When we were dating, he looks for a smash penny machine. We actually have a pretty good collection by now. Everywhere we go for fun and a vacation, we do not hunt for a magnet store as a keepsake for our fun memory. We hunt for a small penny machine!

8. Family ornament

Ornament....another obsession of ours. You can be creative on making a Christmas ornament. You can make memories by decorating ornaments with your kids, or a Christmas ball with their handprint on them. You can also keep their letters to Santa. When they grow old and have their own family, you can pass it on. It will be so much fun when it is their turn to show the ornaments they made when they were young to their own kids.

9.Love notes Binder

Our girls love to write us notes and draw pictures. My husband has a hefty collection of drawings and love notes from our kids. Save those sweet notes and awesome arts ( repeat after few awesome arts only).

10. Recipe Binder

When my husband and I got married, he shared the ham and bean recipe that his grandma used to make. I took it upon myself to make this into a tradition. We serve the ham , Christmas Eve and we cook ham and bean soup the next day for Christmas day. I want to keep this tradition with our girls and save some recipes that they love. I am Filipino and I want our girls to learn how to cook Filipino foods.

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  1. I just had to comment because I love these ideas. Especially the recipe binder-something I have never thought of. Fabulous!

  2. So many great ideas!

    I have been terrible about creating keepsakes for the boys. I started baby books, but never finished them. I would love to make recipe books for all of them, though.


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