Easy Salt Dough Handprint Keepsake

  Do you all have a memory box of things you kept when your kids were little or babies? I do. I'm a sentimental momma. If you don't ..I think you should but don't hoard. Just choose a few that really means a lot to you and things that always hits the spot kinda feeling . To name some, I kept their baby blanket , their going home outfit form the hospital and first Halloween costume

   I know, it's hard to choose..right? As everyday with these precious ones are awesome memories . We may all have stressful, tiring and crazy days, but everyday is a gift. And believe me..their will be a whole lot "things" that you would want to keep as a keepsake as they grow.

  I like handprints and footprints. It's a blessing seeing them grow right before our eyes. Someday, those little hands will grow. The constant tugging and mama hold my hand will slowly dissipate.  I wanted to capture those hands. Here's a very easy way to make a hand print salt dough .

You will need:

1 cup of flour
1/2 cup hot water
yellow food color , or any color you want..you can just leave it white.
1/2 cup salt.


Mix yellow or any food color with the hot water.
In a separate bowl , pour salt and slowly mix in the hot water mixture ( with food color)
Stir until salt dissolves . Gradually mix in flour. Knead.

Form the dough into 2 balls ( We have 2 beautiful daughters) and flatten . Make the impression.
I did bribed our 2 yr old with a sticker to hold still, so I can make a good hand impression.. Sitting still is not a strong suite for toddlers.

Using a toothpick, write their names at the bottom or make a hole on top if you plan on hanging them later. This makes a good ornament too. On a slightly different note, we LOVE ornaments.

Bake at 200 deg for at least 2 hrs. Depending on the thickness, you can bake until 3 hrs.

Once done, let it cool. You can paint it using craft paints and write their age and date this was made at he back or front..your choice.

So easy , frugal and a fun craft for the whole family.

Always remember , keepsakes are fun to make and fun to collect..but so is making memories! 

Collect the moments and not so much of the "things"




  1. These are sweet! I did these with my five children a few years ago, but I used a kit. This would be a lot more affordable! Visiting from A Little R&R linkup. :)

    1. Hi Joy! awesome! I appreciate you stopping by..have a blessed weekend!

  2. This is an awesome craft, Khit. I am going to do this with my kids next week. I love easy crafts!

    Thanks for linking this up at the mommy monday blog hop!

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