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Easy Salt Dough Handprint Keepsake

  Do you all have a memory box? Box of things you kept when your kids were little or babies? I do. I'm a sentimental momma. I made a memory box frame that holds their outfits from the hospital when they were born along with their beanies, mitten, hospital bracelets, and their name tags. I also have a treasure chest in our garage where I keep a few keepsakes. It is hard to choose what to keep and what not to keep. We do not want to hoard but at the same time would love to keep a few sentimental items. After all, they do grow up very fast.

   This homemade handprint that is made with salt dough is very fun to make! Easy and frugal. It keeps really well (I mean years...yes.seriously). You can use the same salt dough recipe for making Christmas ornaments as well. 

  I like any handprints and footprint crafts. It's a blessing seeing them grow right before our eyes. Someday, those little hands will grow. The constant tugging and the mama hold my hand will slowly dissipate.  They will still need you of course but I will surely miss these little hands. I hope you enjoy making this easy and frugal craft with your little kids at home. It only needs a few ingredients that you already have in your pantry.

You will need:

1 cup of flour
1/2 cup hot water
yellow food color, or any color you want (optional)
1/2 cup salt


In a  glass bowl, mix the food coloring with the hot water. For the water, I microwaved my water for about a minute. Pls, be careful when pouring the water. Pour the salt and slowly mixing it to dissolve the salt. Gradually mix in the flour until it resembles a dough. When the dough cools off a bit (safe to touch), knead your dough.

I formed the dough into 2 balls (we have 2 beautiful daughters) and flattened it. Make the hand impression. I did bribe our 2 yr old with a sticker to hold still, so I can make a good hand impression. Sitting still is not a strong suit for toddlers.

Using a toothpick, write their names at the bottom or make a hole on top if you plan on hanging them later. This makes a good ornament too. We had made a tree and a stocking ornament using the same recipe and a cookie cutter.

Bake the dough at 200 deg for at least 2 hours (depending on the thickness). If it's hot outside or warm outside, we just let it cool and set outside.

Once done, let it cool. You can paint it using craft paints and write their age and date it was made at the back or front..your choice.

So easy, frugal, and a fun craft for the whole family.

Homemade keepsakes are fun to make and fun to collect and so is making memories! 

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  1. These are sweet! I did these with my five children a few years ago, but I used a kit. This would be a lot more affordable! Visiting from A Little R&R linkup. :)

    1. Hi Joy! awesome! I appreciate you stopping by..have a blessed weekend!

  2. This is an awesome craft, Khit. I am going to do this with my kids next week. I love easy crafts!

    Thanks for linking this up at the mommy monday blog hop!

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