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Skills Your Preschooler Needs to Know Before Going to School

     Before anything else, I would like to remind you that all children are different, gifted and unique in many ways. They developed at their own pace but will still need our guidance. The list below is only a guideline.  While we can be focused on academics such as learning how to read or write or sing the ABC's, basic skills are paramount to their development. Give them time to learn and make it fun. They learn through play.

1.  Potty trained and Hygiene

    Most of the preschools or schools, in general, want your child to be potty trained.  You may want to ask the school on their requirements way ahead of time, as to where they stand on this. If your kid is already potty trained, does she/he knows how to take care of  "business" when she/ he needs to go potty? Do they know how to wash and dry their hands afterward?

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Does going in the public restroom makes her uneasy? You may communicate with the teacher as to how they manage restroom breaks. But even so, you should remind your child that it is okay to ask the teacher when she needs to go. If this is an area that your child needs to work on, encourage her and let her practice (and develop) her own routine.

2.  Eat by themselves and knows how to open their own snacks.

Opening a package of snack or snacks in a Ziploc is a habit for parents. We need to train or teach our children how to open Ziplocs or small packages of snacks (fruit snacks maybe?) Usually, every school will have a yard duty to assist students during snack or lunch break.

Select a proper lunch container and a water bottle that they can easily open.

We did let her practice opening and snapping containers.  We had to make sure that her lunch box and a water bottle are easy for her to open and close. They do not need a complicated lunch or snack container.


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3. To wear their own shoes.

Are they able to tie their own shoes? If not. it is not a big deal. Preschoolers are still developing their fine motor skills. Consider slip-on shoes. As you can see with the photo below, I used a round sticker and cut in half to teach our daughter the right way to wear her shoes (distinguishing left from the right shoe).

  Check out these preschool shoe labels from  Mabels Labels. It is stylish, durable, and educational by helping small kids tell their left feet from their right. Pre-readers can simply match the halves of familiar shapes, making it more fun!  You can personalize the shoe labels with a name and choice of 5 cute designs.

 4. Knows how to follow a routine and have basic social skills (and manners).

I have mentioned quite a few times on how young kids excel on consistency and structure. Routine is the magic word for young kids. When they start Preschool, their schedule will be different from when they are at home all day with mom, dad, or a caregiver. Establishing the same routines (same bedtime and wake -up times) will make the transition easier. Exposure to environments that enhances social skills is beneficial to kids.

5. Stranger Danger

I know some may think that age 4 is very young to expose our kids to such issues. I believe that we need to equip our children with the necessary tools to keep them safe. We may choose to filter some explicit details but it is still important to teach our kids about safe touch or safety with strangers as young kids are gullible with such kind and pure hearts.

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