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Best Hair Dye for Busy Moms

It was six years ago when I stepped into a salon. It was to have my hair color. It was also a gift certificate from my husband, who insisted that I need to take some time out and splurge a little bit. I am also a frugal stay at home mom, and I can not justify paying $150-200 for my hair. Moms can relate to me on this: before we spend on ourselves...we think about the needs of our family first.  I am all for loving on ourselves, but I also know my priorities. Not that taking care of myself is not a priority. In fact, I believe that we are called to be good stewards of our body as it is a gift from God. All I'm saying is that..if there is an alternative cheaper way. I am in.

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I first got familiarize with Madison Reed on Pinterest when I was searching for best hair color system. Even though I am not thrilled about the cost of hair coloring in a salon, I can not deny the fact that I do love salon results. I also like the fact that you get serviced and pampered. Madison Reed's cost for a box is $24.95. If you sign up for automatic delivery, it comes down to $19.99. It may still look like you are not paying the best price. Let me tell you, what you get in a box.

1. Instruction ( Of course!) - but if you still have questions not covered in the sheet, you can always give them a call or send them an email.
2.Barrier Cream - Keeps the stain out of your beautiful skin.
3.Cleansing Wipe- Keeps your ears, forehead, and neck color-free.
4.Cleansing Wipe- love this! If you happen to have some drips on your skin, the wipe makes the clean up easy,
5. Radiant Cream Color - "Rich with nutrients like argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root to strengthen and protect hair while delivering radiant, multi-dimensional color. Free from ammonia, resorcinol, PPD, parabens, and gluten" (Madison Reed, n.d.).
6. Conditioning Color Activator
7. Protective Cap
8. Gloves- Two pairs of gloves. One for when you are coloring and one for the rinsing part.
9. Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner- Rich with nutrients and free of sulfates, parabens, and gluten, our shampoo and conditioner locks in your color and creates long-lasting shine (Madison Reed, n.d.).

    I do have some gray roots that I need to color, every two weeks. I need a box of hair dye that would give me salon results, won't damage my hair, and most importantly without breaking the bank.

This was my BEFORE applying Madison Reed color system shot.

     My natural hair color is black. I tried different store bought hair dye boxes from light brown, all the way to blue black. My hair will look great on the first day only, and it is harsh on my hair as well. The stain is a different story! Removing the dye on my skin is hard. I do use petroleum jelly. However, there are still some hard to remove areas.

This was my AFTER applying Madison Reed color system shot.

 It is noticeably shinier and healthier. And the stains? I did not end up having raw skin and scalp in trying to clean the unwanted color. My hair is softer! It smells great too, thanks to the shampoo and conditioner. I did not have to color my hair after 2 weeks. The subscription option comes really handy since we have busy schedules..this is a plus!

   The hair color that I ordered was Parma black. If you wonder how I am able to decide on what is th ebest color for me, well that is because Madison Reed have a system that will ask you questions to profile your hair. With this, you are assured that you are getting the right shade. You will also get an expert, a colorist to help you with your hair color experience or if you need assistance.

If you wonder, what does it look like after a few weeks. This is my hair, still shiny and feels healthy!


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Madison Reed New Radiant Color Kit Box

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