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Road Trip Snacks

 We went on a small vacation last spring break and we had a blast! It was our first out-of-state vacation since the lockdown so it was really exciting. From planning where to stay to our meals and snacks, it was a fun adventure. Though we often go for a day trip or an overnight stay, this time we decided to take a long scenic drive and stayed 3 nights in a cabin. Originally, we were going to camp but we did a last-minute change of plans and I'm glad that we did. We stayed at KOA in Needles, CA. The drive was about 3 hrs and 30 minutes. We drove straight and checked in an hour early. Now you might wonder, why Needles...there is absolutely nothing in there! Hear me out, Needles CA is like a gateway to Arizona. Think 22 miles from Bullhead City, Arizona, 30-40 minutes away from Oatman, AZ, 27 miles from Laughlin NV, and 60 miles from Kingman, AZ. Plus, we wanted to take the historic route 66. 

   That was our goal, to drive the historic route while exploring original and historical establishments or areas. I will for sure share our trips soon! It is a very educational, fun, and memory-building experience for families with kids (especially school-age children). We went to several cities such as Kingman, Oatman, and Bullhead city in Arizona. We visited museums, towns, ghost towns, historical houses, and establishments. We liked the idea of staying at Needles CA, we just literally cross a bridge (crossing the Colorado River) to head over to Arizona. Our kids get a kick out of Google maps when it would say "Welcome to California" and "Welcome to Arizona" after crossing the bridge.

 We rented a cabin for 3 nights (KOA) that has no bathroom/shower and no kitchen, This is not a big deal since we brought our camping stove and a few of our camping kitchen gear. As for the bathroom, the community or shared restrooms and bathrooms are very close to our cabin. So it wasn't really a huge deal. But of course, if they have a cabin with those amenities, we will definitely choose that option. However, it is not a deal-breaker and we still had a great time! I planned our meals, breakfast, and snacks as I do not want to always eat out as it can get expensive. Additionally, I want to be able to pack healthy food, some unhealthy ones for a treat, and not get stomach sick because we were not eating right. 

  We left at a decent time (9 am) with only 3.5 hours to drive. I know that we will need a snack and lunch. I packed some Nature's Bakery Fig Bar (Brownie) and fruits for snacks. For lunch, I just made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with small packages of chips that I bought from Aldi. We didn't really have an appetite for a big hearty breakfast so I just made Kefir with strawberries smoothies.  Let me show you first the haul I made before our trip. I shopped at Aldi, Trader Joe's, and Sprouts. I also did a Walmart Order Pick-Up because they have some great deals on snacks using Ibotta. The snacks are not the thing I ordered from Walmart. Click HERE for my referral link to get $10 off your first grocery pick-up order.

I just want to give you a quick run-down of my Walmart Pick-Up Order and the Ibotta cashback.

Think Protein Bars  (5-count)- $6.48 with 2.00 Ibotta cashback making it $4.48 a box or roughly .89 cents each.

Chobani Flip - .99 cents each with 1.22 cashback for a purchase of 4 making it $2.74 or .68 cents each

Ritz Crackers - I purchased two (the other one is not in the haul photo), 2.93 and 2.22 a box, with $2.22 cash back on two boxes making it $5.20 on two or $1.46 each.

If you haven't already tried Ibotta, here's my referral code: OFDVXKB. Ibotta is another easy-peasy way to earn cash back on things or grocery items that you would buy anyway. I love when they have bonus days, it makes earning cash easy and withdrawing your cash quickly.

I purchase the container from Amazon. I love that it has four compartments. For those kiddos that don't want their food touching and moms who love to give a variety of snacks. Aside from Amazon and Walmart, the rest of the snacks are from Aldi. There are also a few veggie snacks and fruit cups that are not in the purchase but I purchased them from Aldi. You can just never go wrong with Aldi, meals, or snacks. I just love how affordable Aldi is.

Here's the link for the container: Easy Lunch Boxes- Bento Snack Boxes

As for our breakfast in the cabin, I packed bacon, sausages, eggs, a loaf of bread, and a box of instant oatmeal. We also planned on eating breakfast out on a certain day and eating out for dinner a couple of times. On our first night, we grilled pork chops and brats. We served it along with Ready Rice and beans. We just warmed it up using our camp stove. I used this recipe for the beans: Instant Pot Ranch Style Beans. I made it a couple days before our trip and froze it. 

I know that we will be on the road traveling to several destinations. Some days we have sandwiches, and the rest we have our snacks for lunch. I made sure that I pack a variety of food and not just junk food.

 So here's how I prepared the snacks each day:

FIRST DAY:  Crackers, sweet mini peppers, sugar snap peas, hummus, wafer cookies, trek mix, and Kefir pouches

Why do I pack Kefir on vacation? Kefir is gut-friendly and an excellent source of probiotics. My youngest one always gets bellyaches when you take her off of her normal eating routine. I don't know about you but when we go camping or travel, it seems like we tend to eat junk food more than usual. After all, you are on a vacation. So I decided to always bring a pouch or a container of Kefir to help them with belly aches and at the same time load them up with probiotics.

SECOND DAY:  My Bento snack container came in really handy. We were heading to Oatman AZ on this day. I packed blueberries, cucumbers, sweet peppers, salami, Ritz Crackers, and a container of hummus. I also packed the Think Protein Bars and Nature's Bakery Fig Bar.

I also packed the Think Protein Bars and Nature's Bakery Fig Bar.

THIRD DAY: I packed mandarin orange cups, Nature's Bakery Fig Bar (Brownie), crackers, cheese, salami, and a fruit snack.

This is for me and my husband: Plaintain chips, dark chocolate almonds, Think protein bar, Nature's Bakery Fig Bar (Brownie), salami, cheese, and mandarin cups.

That's it! Aside from our regular cooler that held all of the drinks and food, I also have a good size soft cooler for our snacks/lunches. I placed it in between our girls so that when they get hungry it is easy to just grab some without pulling over or without my help.

How about you? What are your easy go-to road trip snacks? 

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