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Clutter-Free Mother's Day Gifts

  Mother's day is fast approaching! This year, I didn't ask for a tangible gift instead I asked for a weekend getaway at Desert Hot Springs. Just a day where we are not going places or exploring a new town, a day where I get to relax and just enjoy my family. After all, isn't that what Mother's day is all about? I'd like to consider myself a minimalist mom. However, it is still more of a journey for me. We are still in the process of living on less stuff and figuring out what we can live without. We live in a very small home so intentionality on how we buy stuff is a given as we have to have a space for everything.

  I love writing gift ideas that don't involve material things or stuff. Because as a mother of two myself, I appreciate and treasure clutter-free gifts. It will not add up to what we already have, I don't have to figure out what will I do with the stuff, and I value memory-building experiences instead. I have compiled 20 clutter-free gift ideas that are not just for mother's day but can be a point of idea on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and Valentine's day.

1. Gift cards

This can be a restaurant gift card or a grocery shopping card. Whichever would be the most likely to be appreciated with the mom in your life. As for me, I always love getting gift cards from my favorite coffee shops, pizza joint (so I can skip cooking dinner sometimes), Sam's Club or Costco Gift cards, or any grocery store where I usually shop.

2. Baby-sitting

 You can offer to babysit or hire a babysitter. Sometimes, mommies do need a "shop by myself" day, date night with hubby, day date with friends, or just a day that she can use to run errands kid-free. 

3. Date nights

 This is not just for husbands to give but for children as well. This gift goes with a gift card or just a stay-in kind of night where you get to cook for mom. 

4. Manicure and Pedicure Day

 I am not a regular customer of a nail salon BUT I do cherish and appreciate when I get to have this pamper day. Just make sure that the nail salon has a good reputation and reviews. We don't want our moms to end up with an infection due to unclean and unsanitary nail salons. 

5. Salon Gift Certificate

 It was last year when I got my hair cut. Two things, hair cuts and having washed or blow-dried can be expensive. So I do it once a year (maybe that's the frugal mom in me). A fantastic pampering day in a salon complete with a haircut, shampoo, treatment, and blow-dry is perfect for moms.

6. Massage Gift Certificate

 Just thinking about it makes me feel sleepy. Massage makes me feel relaxed and sleepy- in a good way! I do love a good back massage and don't even ask me how I feel about foot massages! This is by far my favorite gift. If only I can get a foot massage several times and not just on Mother's day. Can I get an Amen?

7. Spa Day

 This spa day certificate depends on the package that you will get. This is an amazing gift for mommies who will love the whole shebang. I heard here in California, Palm Springs offer a lot of spa opportunities not just for moms but couples too.

8. No-cooking weekend

 The weekend is such a great opportunity for moms to recharge for the next week ahead. Ho about giving mom the break from cooking on weekends? Don't worry moms appreciate all kinds of meals, as long as they came from the heart and hard work.

 9. No-chore day

 Can be a whole week thing or just choose a specific day or even on Mother's Day. a day where mom will not lift a single finger to do a chore. Now, this does not mean that you get to pile it until mom can do it. This no-chore day should free moms of their chores scheduled that day.

10. Menu-planning membership

 I have a freezer planning membership and I love it. Though I got it for myself, it is the most helpful thing when your meal planning. It gives me meal ideas per diet like gluten-free, keto..etc. It can populate a grocery list for me plus it saves me a lot of time scouring recipes through Pinterest.

11. Spotify subscription

 I have a monthly subscription to Spotify and I enjoy its benefits every day. I listen to music and my favorite podcast through my Google home and also in my car. 

12. Car Wash

 A clean car for offers a new level of Zen. With small children (even older kids) it is indeed a challenge to keep a clean car. Even though I would love to stay consistent with my "no eating" in the car, I will never say no to a hungry child of mine. Here in our town, we have a drive-through car wash and vacuum your own car. The car wash offers a monthly subscription. Even if you can't swing a month of carwash membership, just one gift card to a carwash service will make a mama happy.

13. Brazilian Blowout

 I have never tried this service but know a friend that loves this Brazilian blowout. If you are not familiar with Brazilian blowout, it is hair treatment in a liquid keratin formula that bonds to your hair to create a protective layer against frizz and external damage by sealing the cuticle. If you want to learn more about the Brazilian blowout, here's more information: Instyle.

14. Skillshare Membership (Join skillshare and get the premium-free for 14 days, CLICK HERE).

It is always nice to learn a different skill. There are several online skill learning websites. Skillshare has a ton of classes online that will spark your creative side.

15. Redbox movie code

I still use Redbox even though streaming services are very popular right now. You can actually purchase movie promo codes and Egift cards that never expire!

16. Canva Membership (photo editing and creative graphic making)

I love my Canva membership. Aside from needing it with my blog, it also allows me to be creative with my blog graphics and social media content. It is not just for bloggers though, it is for business owners (big or small), students (by creating beautiful presentations, slides, or projects), teachers ( by making their own printables for teaching, and just any mom that wants to nurture their digital creative side.

17.Picmonkey Membership- app included (photo editing and creative graphic making)

 Similar to Canva, Picmonkey also sparks creativity in you. Aside from online photo editing, Picmonkey also offers a user-friendly app so you can edit photos and create beautiful content.

18. Freezer Meals

Just like the no-cook day, gifting a momma with a freezer meal will allow her to rest from a busy day. You can just simply freeze a meal that is already assembled and will just need to be put inside a crockpot or oven or a freezer meal that only needs thawing when it is needed.

19. Air BnB getaway

  A weekend getaway is always a nice break from the norm. I recently saw a yurt from Air BnB that is so enticing and looks like an experience that I will enjoy and will remember. 

20. National Parks Pass (America the Beautiful) or State Park Pass (For California, CLICK HERE)

  I love going on adventures and new outdoor experiences with my family. My family has a goal to visit several of our beautiful National Parks and State Parks. However, an entrance pass can be expensive and can easily add up, especially if you are like me who loves a weekend trip. An annual pass is $80 (America the Beautiful). It includes ALL the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands. Each pass admits ONE car. Isn't that an amazing deal? Or you can do the math...add all the entrance fees to the National parks that you want to go see.  The State Park Pass is different in each state, so make sure you visit your state's government website for information.

NOTE FOR AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL PASS: If you are in the military, a veteran, a senior, have a 4th-grade kid in your family, and planning to be a volunteer, check out THIS website for free passes and discounted passes.

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