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Summer Diffuser Blend

 I hope you are making the best out of summer even if it feels limiting. Even if it feels restrictive. I hope that you still find sunshine regardless of the situation you are in. Even if it can be chaotic and messy, especially when you have a large family or still raising little ones at home.

 The summer season in our home is a short one. What I mean is that there are so many things and adventures to little time. While most parents were forced to start the summer vacation early due to the pandemic, I know most families are making the most out of this situation. Outdoor and recreational merchandise fly out of the shelves quickly! The way I see it? More families are enjoying the outdoors. I think that there is a new-found love for nature for most people. That is just great as long as we also take care of nature. By not leaving your trash (and picking trash when you see some) when you go out for a hike, making sure your campsite is clean for the next family, group, or person, and respecting the process of nature are just a few steps we can take to preserve the outdoors.

 This month of August, Simply Earth's recipe box is all about summer! From taking care of your eyes to soothing your lips...the box got you covered. Scroll down to grab the free recipe printable for the citrus summer diffuser blend. I don't about you but I do love diffusing oils in my home and knowing that is toxin-free. If you are new to Simply Earth, I highly suggest that you read this post:

 I also want to mention that I am an ambassador for Simply Earth. While they are NOT an MLM company (which makes their product affordable), I do earn a small commission when you order from my links. When you also use my code for first-time orders, you will get a FREE BIG BONUS BOX with your order. Simply Earth's affordability will not compromise its quality. I also encourage you to visit their site to familiarize yourself with their products.

What's a monthly recipe box?

Every month when you subscribe for only $39/month (worth $100+), you will get a box with 4 full-size 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, 6 recipe cards with extra ingredients or materials you need to make the recipe, and cute labels.

What's the free BIG BONUS BOX that comes with your order (first-time subscribers)?

Here's what I got from my big bonus box. How amazing is that? The bonus box is worth $45 (depending on where you will purchase them). You will get these all for free when you subscribe the first time. (use code: ABOUNTIFULFREE).

What's inside the August Box?

August box includes:

  • 4 (15mL 100% therapeutic grade essential oils):

Citrus Burst
Juniper Berry

  • Extras:
Lip balm tubes
100% cotton rounds 
Spray bottles
6 recipe cards and labels.

What I love about the recipe cards is the valuable information at the back of each card. One card will have the uses and general safety information for each essential oil. One will have a sneak peek of next month's box. Then a note from Katie (Simply Earth's certified aromatherapist), a cheat sheet for resources available to you, and lastly, the organization that they are supporting.

13% of the profits from your purchase help end human trafficking.

If you need more information about their cause and which organizations they are helping, read HERE.

Don't forget to use the CODE: ABOUNTIFULFREE

to receive the big bonus box for first-time subscribers.


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