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Essential Oil Remedy for Frizzy Hair

I have a thick and curly hair.  The laziness inside me is no joke when it comes to taking care of my hair. More often than I want to, you will find my hair on a bun. As high as I can tie it, the better. It is comfortable and I feel like I get more things done with my hair up. As a busy mom, I know most mommies can relate to me...we do not have the time to style our hair. However, once and a while I do get the chance to blow-dry and maybe use a flat-iron to style my hair.

Haircare is another issue. Every time I go to a salon, I vow to visit them at least once a month for a deep hair conditioning treatment. My thick and curly hair gets so frizzy and dry. Since most of the hair salons are still close (during the Pandemic) this 4-ingredient hair mask is perfect. First, most of the ingredients are inside your pantry. Second, it only uses one type of Essential Oil, Palmarosa. You can make this mask frugally and at the comfort of our own home.

NOTE: I am an ambassador for Simply Earth. I get a small commission when products are ordered through my links. Know that I will NEVER promote nor suggest products that we don't personally use or do not believe in. I love Simply Earth's cause as they help to end the fight with human trafficking. 13% of profits go to organizations that are on the front lines of fighting the injustices of human trafficking.


1 tbsp Raw Honey
1 tbsp Coconut Oil (solid)
1 egg 6 drops Palmarosa Essential Oil

You will need:
small to a medium glass bowl
I use Simply Earth's Essential Oil. Find it HERE.


1. Combine coconut oil and raw honey and heat the mixture just until melted.
2. Whisk the egg until it begins to froth.
3. Combine the egg, coconut oil, raw honey, and palmarosa oil in a small bowl.
4. Mix well. Apply the mixture to the shaft of dry hair, especially focusing on the ends. After 1 hour, 5. Wash your hair. Make sure to rinse with cold water.

 Palmarosa Essential Oil


  • Promotes healthy skin 
  • Prevents hair loss (read here)
  • Helps sleeplessness 
  • Reduces fungus 
  • Reduces swelling and achiness

How easy is that? If you are new to using Essential Oils or would love to learn more, Simply Earth has a plethora of resources. When I started using their oils, the FREE Essential Oil Cheat Sheet and Bonus Course are both particularly helpful.

Essential Oil Free Course

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