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30 Easy Salmon Recipes

 If you want to improve your brain health, salmon is an excellent source of healthy fats (Omega-3 fatty acids). DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), a type of Omega-3 that can be found in salmon can significantly improve the brain's cognitive function. To name a few of its benefits, eating salmon regularly fights inflammation, lowers the risk of heart disease, and improves blood circulation (Healthline).

  But how much salmon should we have or how do we consume Omega-3? Science-based articles suggest that we should take about 250-500 mg of DHA plus EPA from fish (WHO). However, it is important to note that we can also take supplements and there are plant-based sources of Omega-3 (chia seeds, flax seeds, Brussel sprouts, and hemp seeds). As always too much consumption can also be detrimental to our health (Healthline). Likewise, we also need to consider the source. Wild-caught salmon can be expensive but it does hold the highest nutrients.

Here's a great collection of the best salmon recipes. These recipes are easy, quick, and delicious! It will not be hard to add salmon into our diet with these flavorful salmon recipes

1. This spinach and feta stuffed salmon recipe is a delicious, healthy meal for four – ready in less than 20 minutes. This is an easy recipe to throw together, but it’s full of flavor!

2. Salmon with Avocado Salsa - spiced and grilled salmon topped with fresh avocado and orange salsa. A quick and tasty low carb dinner!

3.Salmon with Pesto Crust - fresh salmon fillets, topped with basil pesto, parmesan and panko crumbs then oven-baked. Dinner in 20 minutes!

4. If you are looking for something healthy - this is the dish for you! This salmon with dill is oil-free and yet soooo tasty! Serve it with steamed veggies or a fresh salad.

5. This easy to make baked salmon recipe with Parmesan herb crust is a fast dinner that is delicious any day of the week! From prep to table this oven-baked salmon recipe is ready for your family in about 20 minutes.

6. Who knew tacos or salmon could be so versatile? Salmon makes the best fish tacos!

7. This Pineapple Salmon bakes up easily in the oven with a wonderful sweet and savory topping. You won't believe how much you love it!

8. This pecan-crusted sheet pan salmon gets a crispy, slightly sweet, super nutty topping to really elevate a simple one-pan meal to the next level. Pair it with your favorite seasonal veggies for an easy weeknight dinner.

9. Air fryer salmon is one of the easiest ways to cook salmon. The salmon turns out flaky, juicy, with a perfect crisp from the outside.

**This is the air fryer that I use. Cosori Air Fryer Max

10. Lemon Salmon Orzo Skillet is an easy one-pot recipe, perfect for a healthy 30-minute weeknight dinner! Orzo pasta, asparagus, and cherry tomatoes complement fresh salmon for a delicious meal.

11. All the wonderful flavors of spinach artichoke dip are added to perfectly pan-seared salmon filets to create a delectable meal in under 25 minutes.

stuffed salmon on plate with parsley with more on plate in background

12.Instant Pot Salmon And Broccoli. Salmon and broccoli in the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker are one of my all-time favorite Instant Pot lunches. Delicious, healthy, and perfect for lazy lunches.

13. Who wants sweet, spicy salmon in under 20 minutes? Everyone! This salmon is so easy, glazed with honey sriracha glaze, and then broiled, it’s one pan easy! Easiest salmon recipe ever and so tasty!

14. This delicious & easy Salmon Sheet Pan Dinner recipe is made in 30 minutes or less and has a sweet tangy sauce. Served with potatoes, asparagus, & tomatoes.

15. This yummy miso salmon recipe is served over sesame noodles. The perfect quick weeknight dinner idea that is ready in 20 minutes or less. Elegant enough for entertaining!

16. A super easy pasta recipe, this smoked salmon tagliatelle has a lemony, creamy sauce that will make everyone ask for seconds. With just a few ingredients, you’ll have a restaurant-worthy meal on the table in 30 minutes! 

17. This quick and easy pan-fried salmon with a sweet and sticky honey garlic lemon glaze is the perfect healthy weeknight meal that can be prepared in 15 minutes. I mean who doesn’t love quick and healthy?

18. Seared salmon that’s finished in the oven and then topped with fresh chimichurri makes this a great healthy weeknight meal. It doesn’t hurt that it can be made in under 30 minutes! 

19.A delicious new way to flavor up your favorite fish! Harissa Salmon with Shredded Coconut is a healthy new recipe to add to the dinner plate. Gluten-Free, paleo, and whole 30 friendly, so you’ll never be bored! 

20. Baked Panko Salmon is an easy dinner recipe served with a side of peas and pasta. Dinner is ready in 30 minutes and it's a family favorite! 

21. This easy mustard roasted salmon is perfect for busy weeknights – and it's made with only four ingredients!

22. Instant Pot Salmon with Rice Pilaf pairs lemon, butter, fish with a colorful garlic vegetable rice pilaf for a one-pot meal.

23. The perfect mix of sweet and heat! This salmon recipe uses a marinade of sriracha and hot honey!

24. This Salmon Fish fry is one spicy and flavorful side dish to have along with rice or with a good salad. 

25. Oven Roasted Bruschetta Salmon recipe is simple and delicious, with a whole salmon side cooked on a sheet pan to perfection and topped with bruschetta, made with fresh summer tomatoes, fresh herbs, and plenty of garlic.

26. Salmon bites with garlic and lemon are the perfect appetizer or side dish. They come out so crispy and flavorful from the air fryer. 

27. This very simple yet tasty and healthy salmon patty is a crowd-pleaser and kid-approved. Make these patties with mayo sriracha sauce for a perfect match.

28. This recipe is simply flavorful! The kick from the sriracha sauce is subtle but of course, you can always add more sriracha!

29. These salmon bowls are a combination of sweet and umami. Rich in flavors and high in protein, this meal does for a perfect lunch or a filling dinner dish. 

30. Baked Lemon Pepper Salmon is a quick and easy dinner recipe for any night of the week. Fresh lemon zest is combined with salt and fresh cracked pepper. 

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