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8 Ways You Can Help Your Child's School

 It does take a village to raise a child. It takes a lot of people, processes, training, and teamwork to make a great school. From the principal to school administrators and all the way to the teachers-- they all do their best to provide your child the best education, a healthy and safe place to learn, and to inspire the love of learning.

The school will thrive best if parents will get involved. There are ways in how parents can step up and get involved in simple but great ways. Here are 8 ways you can help your child's school.

1. Schoola

  You can donate gently used kids and women’s clothing by mail from home with free shipping, or participate in a school-wide clothing drive - either allows them to clean out their closet for the benefit of their school.
  If you’re considering other fundraising ideas, look no further! book a school-wide clothing drive online today. Any school in the contiguous United States can participate.


2. Box Tops

    I am sure most of you do this already, but for those who don't.. Collect and clip the box tops labels that you can find on hundreds of products. Send the collected box tops to your school, each box top is worth .10 cents each. Imagine how much it can raise if all are diligent in collecting box tops! Every collection adds up!

     By signing up for a free account online ( easy sign up) , you can earn more ebox tops and enter for a chance to win more! Coupons will also be delivered monthly into your inbox. To learn more about how it works and how the school gets the cash, read here.

3. Labels for Education

Similar to box tops, just clip and earn free stuff for your school.  Clip and save the UPc's of participating products. Give your collected UPCs to your school coordinator for Labels for Education. Your school will earn educational resources. Again, if all of the students or school will support, this will add up quick!

To become a Labels for Education COORDINATOR, sign up here.
To see a merchandise catalog, on what your school can earn, see here.
To earn bonus opportunities, see here.

4. Shoparoo

           Download the app shoparoo on your phone. Shop like you always do, snap a picture of your receipts from any store, big or small, that sells grocery items to earn Roo Points (cash donations) for your school. Whether you’re shopping at a supercenter, dollar store, or local convenience store - it doesn’t matter where you shop or what items you buy - Shoparoo will make a cash donation for every receipt! Submit up to 20 grocery receipts within a rolling 7 day period.

        For nongrocery items : Snap pictures of your receipts from any restaurant or other retailer (that doesn’t sell grocery items) to earn entries for your school into Shoparoo’s $1,000 monthly sweepstakes and $15,000 yearly sweepstakes! Each receipt counts as an entry into both monthly and yearly sweepstakes, so spread the word at your school - the more receipts you submit, the greater your school’s chance is of winning. Submit up to 50 non-grocery receipts within a rolling 7 day period.

For more info, see here.

5.  TARGET red card school rewards program

   Designate your school at Target.com/tcoe. Every time you use your REDcard at Target stores or online, Target will donate 1% of your purchases to the eligible K12 school of your choice. Funds can be used for anything that your school may need!

Apply for a REDcard and get 5% off on all of your purchases plus exclusive extras! And did you know that you can apply for a Target Debit Card? For those who hate credit cards.

For more info, see here.

6. Get involved in PTO.

    We all live busy lives but there are ways to get involved or support your school's PTO. You can:

  • volunteer your time to help out during school events (book fairs, or any monthly fundraising events and activity.
  • donate food items or help out during Teacher Appreciation Day.
  • attend a monthly PTO meeting
  • help your child sell the fundraiser items.
 7. Volunteer in your Child's class.

       If you can, any time you can give to your child's class to help out is beneficial. If this is not possible, communicate with the teacher and see how you can help out from home ( such as material preparation). And if both are still not possible, try to donate some materials that your child's class may need such as wipes, stickers or incentives, sanitizers, art materials. 

8. Donate books

     Do not forget your school's library. Donate books or any educational resources!

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Did you know that Mabels Labels are school fundraising friendly?  


  1. I should donate books to my kids school, I have tons of extra! Thanks for the great ideas. Found you through the Coffee and Conversation linkup.

    1. That will be awesome Sarah! Thank you for stopping by!


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