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Cake Pops (LAKERS Inspired) and Cake Pop Stand

I was honored to be asked to make cake pops for a surprise birthday party for a family friend of ours. He is a big Lakers fan , and that is the theme of the whole party.

You'll need:

For the Cake Pops:
Cake Recipe - ( your favorite cake recipe)
Candy Melts ( yellow and purple)
clear bags
Candy Sticks

For the stand:

10-12 " FloraCraft Foam Ball
2 FloraCraft Wreath Foam  ( this would be the stand for the foam ball )
2 spools of ribbons ( yellow and purple)
Craft paints
Folkart Extreme Glitter in Plaid
Martha Stewart Multi surface Coarse glitter
Some foam brushes , fine tip paint brushes
Elmers glue
Glue gun, scissors
Scrapbook appliques

My Handy dandy tools.. of coarse you can still make your cake pops without these..

Make your cake pops (I made two kinds, Butter and Chocolate) and  design the pops the way you'd like it to be.
**To coat the pop easier, put them in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes first. Make sure you dipped the stick first into the melted candies so it will not fall. use piping bags or ziploc bags to decorate. Use sprinkles too. the designs you can make are limitless 

After all the drying, waiting and more drying and waiting and in between moaning of our two girls..Im happy with the pops. We ( yep hubby helped me!) covered them individually with the clear candy plastic bags.

 Time to make the cake pop stand..

and at made the 40 minutes trip. I love Candy Buffets! Who doesn't? Big sister stood right beside the candy buffet like a candy patrol.

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We had fun at the birthday party. We were blessed to be a part of it! 

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