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The Hill: Movie Review

 Here's another uplifting family and kid-friendly movie to watch! A movie about perseverance, faithfulness, integrity, and thankfulness. The Hill is based on a true story that follows Rickey Hill (Colin Ford), who dreams of being a professional baseball player. Rickey is a natural-born slugger, but an unspecified physical disability means that he can't walk without leg braces. His father. Pastor Hill played by Dennis Quaid, wants Rickey to put childhood fantasies away. However, Rickey has faith that God wouldn't have given him talent if he hadn't intended to use it. Despite his disabilities, Hill developed into a power hitter, played three months for the Montreal Expos at 19, and made it through four seasons in the minor leagues. 

 I love that it shows the human side of Pastors. While you serve God, our human side will always want the best for our family or loved ones. We try to control and fix things our way even though we know God has a plan for us. This plan is always for the better. This movie has a lot of good conversational tools that we can start with our kids. Some of these great conversations we can ask our children are Rickey Hills' perseverance and faith, what talents can we use to glorify God, Pastor Hill's church and faith, and how can they use the message of the movie in their present life.


Growing up impoverished in small-town Texas, young Rickey Hill shows an extraordinary ability for hitting a baseball, despite being burdened by leg braces from a degenerative spinal disease. His stern, pastor father (DENNIS QUAID) discourages Rickey from playing baseball to protect him from injury and to have him follow in his footsteps and become a preacher. As a young man, Rickey (COLIN FORD) becomes a baseball phenomenon. His desire to participate in a try-out for a legendary major league scout divides the family and threatens Rickey’s dream of playing professional baseball. Based on a true story, THE HILL is directed by Jeff Celentano and also stars JOELLE CARTER, country music singer and songwriter RANDY HOUSER, Golden Globe nominee BONNIE BEDELIA, and SCOTT GLENN.


 Dennis Quaid, Colin Ford, Joelle Carter, Randy Houser, Bonnie Bedelia, Scott Glenn

DIRECTOR: Jeff Celentano


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