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Go Movement Action Kit (FREE)

 I love sharing free resources here on our site. If you have been following the blog for a while, I always share free downloads and free printables. I am also passionate about sharing my faith. Every chance that I get, in person or through this website...I will share the gospel. I know that not everyone is a believer. If you are a Christian, I hope that meeting or having someone in your life who is not a believer does not stop you from sharing the gospel. Sure, you may get a shrug or a frown but never underestimate the power of planting a seed. Sharing the gospel can mean praying for the people in our lives. You do not know how to start sharing the gospel of Jesus? Start by praying for all the people in your lives.

 The people in your life can be inside your family circle, neighborhood, community, school, and workplace. I am excited to share about GO MOVEMENT. Go movement's goal is to share the gospel because they believe that we can all reach someone. We often wonder what is God's purpose in our life. I can assure you that sharing the gospel is one of them. God wants to use you. He can bless someone through you while doing amazing things in your life. Go movement will equip you to be bold in sharing the gospel.

As I have mentioned above, we can start by praying. It is the purest form of love, praying for someone. Don't know how to begin? I encourage you to download the FREE Go Movement Action Kit. It will empower you to start praying for five people in your life plus insights on how to pray for them if you are at a loss.

We got ours and my daughter listed her five prayer lists:

You do not have to get a Theology degree or be a Bible scholar to be able to share the gospel of Jesus. You can encourage others to join the movement and download the kit as well.

Download the FREE ACTION KIT. Share your story and use #Jesussaygo.

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