Circus Vargas Experience - A Bountiful Love

Circus Vargas Experience

 Circus shows just bring out the kids in me. Watching live circus shows, no matter what age will definitely make you happy, keep you entertained and constantly at the edge of your seat, and will leave you wanting for more. We brought our girls to their first circus shows when they were little. Honestly, they do not remember it anymore! So I was very excited for the opportunity to watch and review Circus Vargas. We live in Inland Empire and the closest Circus Vargas to us is at Hesperia, CA but unfortunately, we weren't able to go as it just did not work for our schedule. However, they are having shows in the San Diego area. 


We went to their National City show which is about 2 hrs away from where we live. We don't shy away from long drives when it comes to making new memories. The only thing that I wished we had done was to leave early as we weren't expecting the traffic we ran into heading to National City. We booked a 1pm show and we only had less than five minutes to spare before the show started. When we went, there are still Covid regulations in place such as wearing a face mask at all times. I found that they were not too strict about the mask which is a good thing in my opinion because it was really warm that day.

   If I were to do it again, I would have chosen a much later time when it is a little cooler. As to be expected, the show is in a big tent! There is a refreshment area outside where you can buy snacks like popcorn, treats like cotton candy, and drinks too. There's also another refreshment area inside before the circus entrance. I am very happy to report that they do sell coffee!! There's also an area where you can take pictures, buy souvenirs, and a face painting corner for kids! If you are wondering about restrooms, they do have portable restrooms. They are also clean and well-kept.

  As soon as we got inside the huge tent, the show immediately started. I must say, it reminded me of my all-time favorite movie...The Greatest Showman! There is an opening performance which by itself is so impressive. There is just so much to see! I love the costumes, dance routines, and songs.  As to be expected, there is a juggling act. But friends, this act is not the old-style juggling act. It is more exciting and entertaining. 

The acrobat stunts are jaw-dropping and impressive. My girl's eyes were glued to the stage. Every act is seriously exciting. Each act gets you excited for what's the next following performance.

If you are wondering if all the acts are kid-friendly, yes they are all kid-friendly. In fact, my youngest daughter is 9 years old and there are a lot of younger kids that watched the show. There are no animals at all. Did I wish for some sort of animal presence in the show? Absolutely! But I understand the reason behind not having performing animals on the show too.

There are funny in-between performances while they set up the stage for the next act. In fact, my hubby was chosen for one of the comedic performances. I love that they get the audience involved to keep the atmosphere alive and exciting! My girls got a kick out of watching their dad interact with one of the performers.

Back to snacks and beverages, if you know me I always pack our snacks when we are out on adventures. We were able to bring a few things to snacks on just in case there were no safe food options for me. If you are new here, I am on the GAPS diet for health reasons. You can also bring your own water bottles. Being able to bring your own food or snacks is a win-win for me. 

 There is just no justice in me trying to tell you how fun this experience was for my family. Not even my pictures will give Circus Vargas justice. All I can tell you is that you need to see it for yourself! And I mean this not only because I am promoting this event, it is truly a fun, memorable, and exciting experience. After the show, my girls asked me what my favorite part was, and honestly, everything was awesome. But, if I were to choose, it will be these two guys doing their acrobat thins in this two moving circular ride. I was at the edge of my seat watching them! They are professionals and it is really obvious that they love what they do.

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Here are their recent show schedules:

SAN DIEGO  (Westfield Mission Valley) Feb 18-March 7
ESCONDIDO (Westfield North County- March 11-28 

For ticket information, please visit their website: Circus Vargas Express

You will get two unforgettable hours of the finest in live family entertainment! Circus Vargas indeed will you memories that will last a lifetime.

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