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Indoor and Safe Halloween Games for Families

 I know the majority of cities had canceled their city-sponsored Trick or Treat and while CDC releases new guidelines for safer Halloween, I have seen creative ways to celebrate Halloween across social media platforms. I have read about a drive-through trick or treat and an outdoor block movie night. I have also seen genius candy chutes! As for our family, we planned on celebrating it with a handful of friends. It is a small group of friends from my girl's school and the moms divided the fun agenda for the day (food, activities, and games). Towards the late afternoon, my husband and I planned several fun things for our girls. We will do a movie-night complete with movie tickets and a concession stand. I also wanted to do a couple of games with them. 

  We still purchased costumes. They can wear them all day!

  And oh have you seen the Haunted Cookie House from Trader Joes? Every year we love making a gingerbread house during Christmas season, so why not a Haloween Haunted Cookie House?

  If we put this year's Halloween into perspective, it will not matter even if we are not able to celebrate it the usual way. Sometimes, a different way can be good. I will not be able to come up with fun things to do with my family if a traditional Trick or treat will happen. Even if the usual activities are canceled, maybe those creative ways to spend Halloween with our family will end up to be the best memory our kids will have. 

  Here are 12  indoor and safe Halloween family activities to enjoy! They are all fun, creative, and genius!

1.Roll the Dice Candy Game by Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Pass, trade, and have fun as a family with this Roll The Dice Halloween Candy Game! Just print out the dice and play together. It's a great indoor and safe Halloween activity too!

2.Halloween Bingo-FREE PRINTABLE by The Denver Housewife

Halloween Bingo is the perfect Halloween family game night game. With 10 bingo cards + calling cards, Halloween Bingo is filled with cuteness.

3.Halloween Secret Code Worksheets by Two Pink Peonies

Help your kids decode this fun Halloween secret message! This printable is free and super easy to print with no sign up required.

Turn carving pumpkins into a spooky science experiment with these oozing pumpkins! At home, items are all it takes to make an amazing STEM experience.

Let your family get their silly-on with this fun and colorful Halloween painted rocks!

An easy and super fun DIY Halloween idea to make with kids: paper treat bags (with free printable stickers!).

Make Halloween even more interesting with these Halloween trivia questions. You can print these 36 free question cards out with the answers on the back right away.

Have fun playing Don't Eat Jack a Halloween twist on the classic Don't Eat Pete Game.

Two Free Printable Word Searches in Two Levels for Home School, Classroom, or even Adult Fun!

This is a perfect craft to do with your kids with a minimal amount of participation on your part. Kids can get creative and you can sit back and watch.

Candy Catapults are a fun challenge for kids and families. Build your catapults then launch candy into pumpkin and cauldron targets! A great game that also has an educational twist for homeschoolers or classrooms.

Send kids around the house following clues to a Halloween treasure in this fun Halloween scavenger hunt!

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