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Fun Halloween Recipes

 I have mentioned in this post that we will be doing a fun family movie night. I will be preparing maybe a couple or more of exciting games with little prizes and make Haunted Cookie House (from Trader Joe's or Aldi). Two days ago, I enjoyed picking up prizes for my girls. I am not really a big fan of giving them random things that will just, later on, become clutter. So I try to be intentional about what I buy. I first survey what they need, but on the fun side as well. If they need some socks for home, I will give them Halloween designs. Dollar Tree and Dollar General is such a great place to buy inexpensive prizes. 

  Aside from the games, activities, and movies...I am equally excited (more excited than I admit) with the food and dessert planning and preparation. While I did not decorate fully this year for Halloween (I only picked a few things to display), I do want the food part to be exciting for them. Popcorn of course is the first one on my list, but I am also thinking of other fun treats to serve. I am sharing 25 treats and desserts for your Halloween Movie Night.  These treats are so creative and genius! If you have nothing planned for Halloween, stay-in with your family or inner circle and have a movie marathon night. I will be making a kid-friendly movie list soon and I can't wait to share it all with you.

1. Mummy Jalapeno Poppers by Recipes from a Pantry

Mummy Jalapeno Poppers are a fun and festive Halloween recipe. You only need 4 ingredients to whip up these spooky Halloween jalapeno poppers.

Pumpkin crunch makes for the perfect dessert. Layers of pumpkin sitting atop a deliciously moist, but crunchy crust topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting. The ultimate fall dessert.

Spooky realistic wicked witch finger cookies!

For little ones who love a food fright – why not try these spooky Halloween rice cakes, decorated with blackberries & grapes to look like spiders on a spider's web?

These Vegan Mummy Cupcakes are fun to make, kid-friendly, and completely adorable! The mummy wrapping is piped on with vegan buttercream and the eyes are dotted with chocolate chips.

Pumpkin flan is an easy flan recipe that is creamy, silky, and smooth with a light caramel topping.

Are you looking for a super simple way to make Halloween snacks this year? I'm definitely not the most creative person in the world, but I do like to do things that will make my daughter and her friends smile. These Spider Halloween Snacks can be made even by the least creative person in the world.

These simple yet adorable ghost mini muffins are sure to be a spooky hit.

How stinking adorable are these Mummy Rice Krispies Treats? Wait… they are gluten-free and vegan? AND easy to make? And no worries about scaring anyone at Halloween with processed and scary ingredients!

This chocolate mousse pie is a no-bake pie with a creamy egg-free chocolate mousse filling, a buttery cookie crust, and a soft and fluffy whipped cream topping. Add some edible blood or strawberry jam and this pie is perfect for Halloween.

Sweet and crunchy, this Caramel Apple Popcorn is a crowd-pleasing favorite for movie nights, party nights, and an everyday dessert. Homemade popcorn is always delicious just add some crunchy dried apples and sweet caramel, then enjoy.

These Marshmallow Witches are so yummy and easy to prepare with your kids. They will make adorable treats for a Halloween party.

These healthy Halloween Phantom Pierogi Pizza Pockets are baked and not fried, easy to make and you can even make them ahead and freeze. They are a unique Halloween finger food to make for your own party or take along to a Halloween party.

These chewy chocolate cookies are so soft and gooey that they will rival your favorite bakery. The perfect backdrop for some drizzled icing for Halloween and beyond.

These Monster cookies are so simple to make and so much fun for spooky Halloween night.

If you’re looking for a recipe for perfect sugar cookies this Halloween, then we’ve got you’ve covered! These delicious but easy Halloween sour cream sugar cookies with a cream cheese frosting are light and fluffy, and they are perfect for cutting into fun shapes with cookie cutters!

The kids will have great fun mixing up this simple but delicious trail mix with the colors of fall! They will have even more fun eating it!

Trust me when I say, this is the BEST pumpkin dip you’ll eat this year! It’s light, quick, easy, and most importantly – delicious.

Create a whole host of your favorite flavors with these easy to assemble coffin pop tarts, or stick with the classic strawberry (blood!) jelly. Use refrigerated pie crust to quickly make these sweet treats and add a touch more spooky character with icing spiderwebs.

These super easy and fun all-natural Hocus Pocus Spellbook Brownies are sure to be everyone’s favorite Halloween dessert! With completely vegan ingredients, these Halloween brownies are fit for a Sanderson sister!

Easy Halloween Ghost Cupcakes are delicious, chocolate flavoured cupcakes with a hint of coffee, topped with chocolate spread and a white chocolate ghost topper. Easy enough for kids to make with a little adult help,

These Eyeball Cupcakes for Halloween have a delicious and moist chocolate base, cream cheese frosting and eyeballs that consist of canned lychees, blueberries and strawberry jam “blood.” Can be made gluten-free.

Trick or Treat? Give me something good to eat! This Halloween Treat Platter has it all from colourful sweets and sour candy to chocolate Jack-O-Lanterns and spooky lollipops.

This fun pumpkin cheesecake dip is perfect for Halloween! Pair it with your favorite sweets and salty crunchy snacks for dipping.

Kids will love making their very own monster cookie sandwiches with frosting, sprinkles, and candy eyes!

What's your favorite Halloween treat?

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