Simply Earth February Box - A Bountiful Love

Simply Earth February Box

Baby steps...that is my advice for mommy's who wants to make their home toxin-free or trying their best to use products that are safe for their family. Building a home that is sustainable, natural, and free of toxic chemicals can not be done in a day. It is a lifestyle change. It can get expensive replacing all of your products. I am still in the process of making our home natural and toxin-free.

I started with replacing my cleaners. I've been using vinegar for about 10 years now. You can use a spray bottle with straight vinegar or mixed with water. I also have a spray bottle with a mixture of vinegar, water, and lemon essential oil. I used it as an all-purpose cleaner, for my kitchen, and bathroom as well. I even use vinegar for musty-smelling bath towels in replacement for a softener.

I have also switched our skincare to a more natural product. While those plug-in scents can smell really amazing, I stopped buying them. We diffuse essential oils. You can a plethora of stink removing EO blends online. But, no worries I will be condensing a list soon! So you can download them as well. We are still in the process of switching our sandwich bags and snack bags to a reusable one. The frugal in me can not make myself buy a $7-11 fabric snack bags even if it comes in a set of three. I have saved several YouTube tutorials on how to make the bags, so I will more than likely go on that route.

Since I've mentioned EO, I have always been a fan of Simply Earth. This is NOT a half-meant statement. I truly love Simply Earth specifically their monthly recipe boxes! Why?

  • They are NOT a MLM company.
  • 13% of their profits go to end human trafficking.
  • EXCELLENT customer service
  • Way more affordable. Imagine getting a 100% pure EO for more than half the price (as compared to a $30 a bottle? NO thank you!)
  • They take the guesswork out of mixing your own blends. They provide amazing information. You do not have to spend an hour researching what's safe for kids, pregnancy, and pets.

If you haven't heard of Simply Earth yet, you can read this post. Where I shared why I think it is for beginners and frugal people who want to start using EO. Also, if you will be ordering for the first will be getting a BIG BONUS BOX. This was the big bonus that I got last year!

Their monthly subscription box runs out quickly! The good news is that you can order now so you start your journey with a toxin-free lifestyle. So what's inside the February Box? Here's a quick video!

February recipe box- all about loving your skin. All-natural skincare!

Did I tell you that I love these recipe cards? No more hunting recipe oil blends on my Pinterest Boards!

Please let me know if you have any questions! Leave me a comment, send me an email, or you can DM me on my Facebook page!

Don't forget, when you sign up..Here are ALL the freebies that you will get:

 FREE big bonus box valued over $40
FREE Essential Oil Hero Course
Member-only sales
Exclusive community

Plus, use my code: ABOUNTIFULFREE and receive a $40 gift card (on initial purchase only).

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