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Must Watch: Paul, Apostle of Christ


     In PAUL, APOSTLE OF CHRIST, Luke risks his life to visit Paul, who is held captive in a Roman prison under Nero’s rule. Together, they struggle against a determined emperor and the frailties of the human spirit to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ and spread their message to the world.  Paul’s letters and writings were vital to the spreading of Christianity and became a large part of the New Testament. Our story focuses on how, despite persecution and peril, they shared Jesus’ message of love, redemption, and forgiveness with a small community of believers who in turn, took it to the whole world. Great pains were taken to maintain biblical accuracy. Using scripture as the only reference, director Andrew Hyatt recreated the story of Paul on film, including the close relationship with Luke, whom at the end of Paul’s life, at his own peril, traveled in and out of prison carrying Paul’s writings to the community of believers.

     A visually stunning, historically-based film that brings to life the story of Paul, who went from becoming the most notorious persecutor of the Church to its most powerful proponent among the nations outside Judea.  Two very different men are bound together by their love for Christ. As each of them realizes that Rome has been overtaken by Nero’s evil at the same time their lives are drawing to a close, they struggle to finish their races and leave behind a book of lasting importance for the millions who will follow Christ in generations to come.

   Two themes found in Paul, Apostle of Christ, are relevant today: 

First, we are surrounded by evil, which can strike suddenly and without cause. 

 Second, we can all learn from Paul and Luke: Love is the only answer

For the 40 days of Lent, believers around the world unite in recognizing Christ’s sacrifice by replicating His 40 days in the wilderness. This year, prepare your heart to celebrate and remember Christ’s completed work on the cross by turning to one of the most prolific writers of the New Testament, Paul the Apostle. Though written 2,000 years ago, his writings still resound with truth for the modern reader, as he encourages Christians to know the one in whom they believe.

Listen and reflect on the letters of Paul, it is moving and inspiring. Let his message ignite your hearts into knowing God and spreading the gospel.

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