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Healthy School Lunch Ideas

How's everybody's school year going? I am sure that most of us have mixed emotions about our children going to school. Busy as usual and we are all becoming masters of time management. Between the challenge of taking them to school every morning, packing lunches, homework and after-school activities, it can be overwhelming and tiring. Time management, planning and being organized are my top key suggestions in surviving ( and thriving ) the school year.

Sometimes, our kid's order food from the cafeteria and most of the time...I pack their lunches. It is affordable, and I do love packing their food. However, it can also get crazy when you ran out of ideas of what to pack. In our household, it is a case of hit and miss. There are some recipes that they do request and love, and there are school lunches that absolutely do not even want to touch. Luckily, there are a lot of talented parents out there with lots of school lunch and after school snack ideas.  Here are 20 school lunches that are healthy and delicious!

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I especially love food containers that have compartments in it. It is much more inspiring to pack them good and healthy lunches that way. If you are hunting for one, here are a few ideas:

We also use Mabels Labels to keep our girl's containers and bottles from getting lost.  Here's why I love and recommend Mabels Labels ( not only because I am not an affiliate).

1. They are cost effective. Why? They are very durable and made to last. Lucy had been using the same lunch container since last school year. It's been washed numerous times of course and had been not just in school but also when we go for short trips. You will get your money's worth.

2. Customer service.Their customer service is service at their best. I am an "just order it online" kinda mom. Online shopping can be hard when you experience glitches. However, there is some company that is not too friendly when you need assistance in ordering. You can count on their customer service, you will get help and will be answered.

3. Designs and system. Their designs are way too cute! Plus their online store is very easy to navigate.

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I have also use their labels not just for their containers but also their personal belongings. I have used it to label their Bibles as well. Sunday school can get really busy, and we have been through several Bibles that got lost. You can use Mabels Labels to keep your kid safe. They also have allergy label alert, bag tags, household label as well. Visit their website to see their products!

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  1. Managing time with school going kids is a great task itself. Thankyou for giving wonderful ideas. healthy diet is very important for growing kids. I will aslo try Mabel labels.


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