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6 Unicorn Inspired Party Treats and a Cookie Recipe

Don't you love to eat pretty food? I find myself always telling our girls to not judge a food just by the way it looks..can't blame them. There is a lot of truth on we eat first with our eyes. That is why , me and Lily ( our youngest daughter ) enjoy watching quick cookie making videos on Instagram. First, they make it look so easy. Second, they always leave us drooling. Those quick cookie decorating videos may lead you into buying your very own cookie decorating supplies. Because well, how hard can it be and only to find out that is not the case...true story! Cookie decorating ( esp with Royal Icing) takes practice in my opinion.

Speaking of eating something pretty and cookie decorating. Here’s six unicorn inspired sweet treats to add to any candy buffet or just make it in an ordinary day. There’s also a bonus cookie recipe at the bottom of the post! A cookie recipe that does not necessarily need a lot of practice. They are budget friendly , easy, delicious and can you can add it to your make ahead cookie recipe list.

I am over at My Joy Filled Life, sharing 6 Unicorn Inspired Party Treats. There is also a cookie recipe included! A cookie recipe that will surely please your family. Trust me, it is 7 yr old and 5 yr old approved recipe.

Make it a baking day with your littles at home. You don't have to wait to host a party! They are all too cute to eat. You can host a Unicorn night with your kiddos and add these books to read!

Hop on over to My Joy Filled Life . Get the recipe HERE.
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