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35 Ways To Celebrate Your Children

By now your kid's school is probably having a Parent- Teacher Conference, or maybe is having one soon. I am sure that just like me you are anxious about how well ( or bad) your child did. Most of you are also excited to share on how little Johnny scored so high in Reading and how well they did on Math. I've been there, all of the above. I can't wait to show off my child's report card.  There's also a homeschool momma who sometimes feels inadequate because well, she doesn't have any school given a certificate to show off.

Your kids are more than just their good grades and their perfect scores. We live in a world of self-entitlement because we missed the little things. The small but important things.  Where everything has a certificate. A trophy. A participation award. We only share what is "share-worthy" .  We love showing our "highlight reel" and skip the "hidden chaos". There are far more ways to celebrate your child than a certificate. There are far more things in your children's lives that you should be proud of.

. I encourage each and everyone of you parents out there, to be proud and celebrate these:

1. When our children learned how to pray and pray for others.
2. When they stood up for what is right.
3. When they sat beside another girl/boy in the cafeteria who sits by themselves.
4. The first time they cleaned up their toys without being told.
5. When they are proud of their faith.

6. Those times when they worship at church with great abandon.
7. The first time they apologize without being asked.
8. When they went home hungry because they shared their favorite lunch with a classmate
9. Not wanting to have a birthday party but instead host a toy drive for less unfortunate people.
10. When they finally understand gratefulness.
11. When they see past skin color.
12. They happily and gleefully shared how their day went.
13. Day by day you always complain about how messy they are when they eat? The day when they cleaned their mess up and it is just because they love you.
14. When they look at your face in awe.
15. They call you beautiful momma and handsome dad, because well..we adults are often hard on ourselves.
16. That moment after a very tiring day from work and you get a bear hug and wet kisses from them.
17. The I LOVE YOU'ssss.
18.When they want to do chores for you because they want to earn money.
19. They spent that money on you.
20. They remind you to give thanks before eating when you forget.
21. When they praise others.
22. They get ready for bed or their day on their own.
23. They wave to the person driving the car that is waiting for them as they cross the street.
24. When they stand up for someone who is being bullied.
25. When they show you that it is not about competition but about having fun and building friendships.

26. When your Pinterest fail cake got a lot of "wows" and "yums".
27. They try to take care of you when you are sick.
28. That breakfast they made for you. It may not be edible but hey it's the thought that counts.
29. When they remind you that "you are the best mom or dad " ever.
30. They cry when you cry.
31. They give your boo- boos a kiss and a shopkins band aid.
32. They want to be like you when they grow up.
33. When it was their turn to tell you "Mistakes are okay..."
34. When it was their turn to tell you "It's just spilled milk, we can clean it up together" ...on those days that you don't have it together.
35. They tell you " mommy look at me " "dad...come look" ..because when they did something they are proud of. YOU are the first person they want to tell.

Be proud of your kids! They are given to you. because you are the perfect parents for them, It is not just on "school performance" or "after school activities" that you need to be proud of.  These may seem mundane to you but they are definitely worth a Facebook or an Instagram post too.

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  1. Wow! Love this. Stumbling and sharing on my Fb pg. More grace to you in Jesus' name.

  2. There is a little girl in my daughters class whose arm isn't shaped the same way as others. That little girl went home and proudly told her mom that she didn't think my daughter had even noticed her arm. The mom was almost in tears telling me this as she was so touched her daughter was so happy. That was a really proud moment for me.

    So many of these moments are things you don't think to celebrate!


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