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Cookies that Stays Fresh for 7 days.

Cookies. Who doesn't love them! We certainly do. We are a self confessed cookie lovin family.  I can always go for a cup of coffee and a cookie. Our kid's eyes sparkle at the sight of a cookie, my husband goes giddy esp with his all time favorite, snickerdoodle cookies.

When I was offered to review a tin full of cookies, I can not say YES fast enough. Most of all, I was  intrigued that these cookies can stay longer , like 7 days. I was up for the test!

Sure Enough, our girls were excited when we got the package. When we opened the package, the sight of all the assortment of treats will make you drool. I must admit though that there are some cookies that arrived broken BUT I did inquire about this and the company, Gimmee Jimmy's are making some great changes on their packaging.  Now how many companies would listen to what their customer has to say? That was impressive for me. Striving for a quality service.

The 2lb, assortment of cookies came with a nice tin can. I do have our own cookie jar, but since I was up for the test..I decided to give their tin can storage a try.

Here's the goodness, the day we got it, sans the broken pieces ( our kid's happily obliged to eat them)

The HARDEST part was letting it last for 7 days and keeping little hands out of the tin. It was indeed a test of patience too.  How can you resist this? 

The cookies are all equally good tasting! But If I will be forced to choose, I will choose the chocolate chip oatmeal. Our youngest absolutely loves the rugelach!  I don't know how long it is between the processing time and shipping time. The company is based in New York, I live in Mentone, CA ..that too is pretty impressive because the cookies were fresh! Chewy and great tasting!

After 7 days ( of trying not to gobble them!), the cookies are soft, chewy and of course they still taste good.  How's this look for 7 days? How we resisted not eating them is beyond me.

Anyway, after 10 days...hmm..there's probably around 3 pieces left. Hey,we tried and we did succeed. Cookies that good, don't last in this household. Are they still fresh? Not anymore of course  ( 10 days?)  ,  the freshness wore off  ( as expected)  BUT they are not stale or rock hard.

How's this look for 10 days?

Would I recommend it as a gift? Yes! Most especially if baking is just not your thing. This is actually perfect as a corporate or business gift. I remember certain companies that would give umbrellas or pens for Christmas or any promotional events. For a happy customer or client's sake..give cookies instead!

If you want to order, Here's their website : Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies

*This review is solely my opinion but know that I will never endorse a product that I don't trust , have not tried and do not believe in.  I got the products, free of charge for review.

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