The Love Letters Book Series - Book Review - A Bountiful Love

The Love Letters Book Series - Book Review

   The Love Letter Book Series are a great tool for educators, parents and caregivers. Both young and older kids will enjoy the books. Illustrations are all bright and colorful. As a mother of two girls , I wanted to raise our girls knowing the scriptures and I really love that it is in this book. I also love that the book ends with a prayer. The series are very educational and straight to the point --but not to a offending or judgemental standpoint.

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A Love Letter About the True Meaning of Halloween

I think most kids gets so overly excited thinking about trick or treat, Halloween night  and carving pumpkins. After all, it is what you would usually see everywhere in the store, neighborhood and even TV commercials. This book, It's Not About You, Mr. Pumpkin , offers the historical background behind the celebrated tradition of Halloween. It was written and narrated on a child's perspective, so the approach is very educational, entertaining and most of all not too overwhelming to read to a child.

Age : 5-10 ( but our 4 year old enjoyed it)
Paperback: 32 pages

A Love Letter About the True Meaning of Christmas 

I still remember our girl's responses when we asked them, why do we celebrate Christmas. Sure enough, it is still all about Santa Claus and gifts! I mean, rightfully so ..they are kids! They should be excited about gifts-- both getting and giving! Often times, our society fails to remember the reason behind this most important holiday. This book, It's Not About You, Mr. Santa Claus did emphasize the the true meaning of the Christmas season. Why do we give gifts and what is the most important gift of all! I love that the author did an amazing job on emulating a child's way of thinking about the good things about celebrating Christmas but still conveying the message of truth.

Ages: 5-10 yrs. old
Paperback : 34 pages

A Love Letter About the True Meaning of Thanksgiving

 I came from a country that do not have this holiday. While I did have some background on the history behind Thanksgiving, I still enjoyed reading this book and learned new information. It just did not share both historical side of Thanksgiving but also the religious part as well. Illustrations are very colorful too. 

Ages: 5-10 yrs old
Paperback : 32 pages

About the Author :

Soraya Coffelt is a lawyer and former judge of the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. She is the mother of two sons. After serving as a parent volunteer in the Children's Ministry at her church, she realized that she had a calling and a gift to teach children God's Word in a very simple but fun and exciting way.

All proceeds from the sales of  her books go toward a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, As the Stars of the Sky Foundation, Inc., which is dedicated to helping children.  Soraya is a big advocate for strong childhood education and has joined the war against illiteracy.  

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