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30 Ways To Celebrate 100 Days of School

   It is that time again, kids will celebrate their 100th Day of School. I'm sure that most of you will be getting a note from your kid's teacher to create a fun project. Last year Lucy went to school with a creative T shirt, decorated with 100 different things. She came home with such a clever craft project from school too !

   Here's a collection of fun, creative and clever ways to celebrate 100 days of school.  Have a great time getting creative with your kids and students, I'm sure kids will have a blast celebrating their 100 days smarter!

1. 100 Days Gumballs by Mrs. Byrd's Learning Tree

2. 100 Piece Snack, Build 100 Cups , 100 Estimation by Teaching With Terhune
3.My 100 Year Photo By Kindergarten Kiosk 

4. 100th Day of School Hopscotch by Kindercraze
5 .100 Chart Puzzle by First Grader At Last
6. 100 Dot Art Stickers by Mom To 2 Posh Lil Divas
7 .100 Cup Challenges by Busy Kids Happy Mom 
8 .100 Hershey Kisses Seek and Find by Mrs. Hodge and Her Kindergarten Kids
100 Fruit Loop Necklace by Spoonful of Learning
10. Pop 100 Balloons by Kindergarten Lifestyles
11. 100th Day Trail Mix by Spoonful of Learning

12. When I'm a 100 Years Old ( with FREE PRINTABLE)

13. 100 Acts of Kindness by Amazing classroom.com
14. Dress Up Like 100 Year Old by Who's Who and Who's New
15. 100th Day of School Books by Fantastic Fun and Learning
16. I Can Write 100 Words by Welcome to Room 36
17. How To Spend 100 and Find A Kiss Matching Numbers by Crayons and Cuties in Kindergarten
18. 100th Day of School Fashion Show by Kindercraze.

19. Cupcakes with 100 Sprinkles by Kinder Cakes
20.100 Days of School Glow Bracelets by Seven Thirty Three
21.100 Paper Chains by Ms. M's Blog
22.100 Topping Pizza by Mr's Lee Kindergarten
23.100 Days of School Project: Rainbow of Skittles by Classy Mommy

24. 100 Pennies Craft by The Blackberry Vine
25.100 Lolly Pops by Absolute Mommy

26. 100 Pieces of Spaghetti by San Antonio Moms
27 100 Scraps of Fabric Garland by This Mama Makes Stuff
28.100 Days of School , Superbowl Style by Elementary Shenanigans
29.100 Days of School Cake by Random Thoughts of a Supermom
30.100 Days of School Banner by Something from Cassie



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