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Declutter & Organize In a Crafty and Inexpensive Way

     LOVE TO ORGANIZE , there are times that I get so into it. Our house isn't perfect but I do try to keep things in order for my own sanity. Hubby and I share the love for containers. In our place you'll find wicker baskets, textile basket, plastic and metal containers that we got from flea markets, dollar store or yard sale.

here are just a few tips to oragnize in a frugal way.


Here's what you'll need:  
Paint brush
Craft paint ( Crayola, $4.99)
Scrapbook stickers (.79- $1.00 / package)
Clothespin ( $1 - $5 , depending on where will you buy them. I bought mine at a dollar store)

Just paint all the sides of the clothespin, according to your liking. You'll find it easy to let one side dry first and the other next. When it completely dries ( in a matter of 5 mins or less )..Just put the stickers at the end of each pin.

What did i use it for :

For hanging big sister's paint work, because we are proud . You'll see this in our dining area. Also , for hanging her hats..keeps the shape and whenever we wanted to head outside..its just there! 


I kept a bunch of empty BABY FOOD JARS . I even kept a couple of jars as a keepsake ( im a sentimental junkie like that), just so she knows whats the first food she tasted :)

so heres what i did with the "others"

You'll need:
A craft paper or scrap booking paper  (.50 cents each)
A ribbon
Glue gun
clean Gerber jars or any baby food jars( i also used earths best..the first lil and I find it cute!)
ruler and a pencil

 To do:

Cut the paper into 7 inches long. ( you can measure if you want to be sure). Wrap it around the jar, secure with glue gun. Cut about 6-61/2 inches of ribbon to cover the screw top, secure with a glue.

What did I use it for:

For ponytail holders, and clips. You'll find it also, in my sewing box with buttons, small threads in it.craft kit with accessories in it. 

I used the sippy toss around cups that she graduated from for her combs.

Eliminate physical clutter.  More importantly, eliminate spiritual clutter.  ~D.H. Mondfleur

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