DIY Lacing Set

 Why teach your preschooler or toddler (when ready) to lace? Lacing is a good way to enhance their fine motor skills. Why enhance their fine motor skills? Because it is a necessary tool for learning how to write. In addition to developing fine motor skills, it is also good for hand-eye coordination skills. It reinforces their decision and problem-solving skills by threading a string in and out of the holes in a piece of cardboard or lacing card.

                   A lacing set can cost around $10-20.  Depending on what type of materials you use, you can make your own lacing set for less than $10.

You will need:

cookie cutters of various shapes
a sheet of craft foam

All you have to do is trace all your shapes using your cookie cutters.

Cut it all out, and punch holes on the surrounding sides of the shapes.

Take a piece of a shoelace and tie a knot at the other end. This will serve as a stopper.

Just that easy...

You can also make an alphabet lacing set.

These foam sheets came in 12 pcs in a package , Imagine how many lacing set you can make or save the rest for a craft day.

 (To purchase or to see product info , click on photo or link)

If you are not a big fan of foam sheets , you can also make one that is a little bit more durable. Just print a picture ( or any picture) that your child is into , and laminate it. Same thing , just punch holes and use a yarn or shoe laces for the stringing.

 Here's a good deal for a laminator :

Now , If you really want an indestructible lacing set, because you have kids with " hulk like" grip, we have these set from Lakeshore Learning.

Jumping bean likes it too, she's not even 2 yet..

It came in 12 different and colorful designs.

Here's something similar from Amazon.

and something for a little boy too..


Have fun with your kids, 

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