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2023 Goal Setting Free Printable

 Every New Year, I love setting new goals with my family. I love looking back to see how much growth and blessings God had so generously bestowed on us. While I believe that goal setting should not just be on News Year's day, there is just something exciting about starting a goal on a literal day one. I love goal setting than resolutions. I have set numerous resolutions throughout the years and I have somehow failed or lost track of the resolutions I made. 

 I also believe in the power of praying and faith TIED to actions. I have done the actions but failed in the praying department and have done the praying part but have failed to act. This year, my big audacious goals will be full of actions wrapped in prayers. It is very easy to lose hope, interest, motivation, and focus. Life will throw different seasons on us. I believe that keeping our focus on our why's and on Jesus will help us navigate through achieving our goals.

There was a quote that I read last year that says something like, who you hang out with and what you read will shape who you are. I love to read but I have been slacking the past year. I do have a pretty good list of books I want to read. I encourage you to do a reading challenge with me! Speaking of a reading challenge, I made two FREE PRINTABLES for you! There's no need to sign-up fOR any newsletter or purchase anything. It is just a plain free download! You can do this as a family or individually. 

About the free printables: 

2023 Goals 

Write down your goals for these five aspects of your life. I am giving a few examples.

SPIRITUAL - Quiet time with the Lord, Read your devotional or Bible every day, or pray more.

FINANCIAL- pay off debt, build a savings account or emergency fund, and spend less.

HEALTH- lose weight, eat healthily, eat less processed foods, exercise regularly, and prioritize mental health.

PERSONAL- study short courses, change careers, travel more.

RELATIONSHIP- intentional time with spouse/children/family, set boundaries, leave toxic relationships, foster Godly friendships.

I have also included a few Bible verses to guide you and remind you to stay faithful.


Reading Challenge/ Books I have Read

You can either fill it out as you finish reading a book or fill it out right away with the book titles you intend to read. This is also an exciting way to encourage reading with your kids.


I hope that 2023 will be the year that you will see God's faithfulness and hands. Feel free to pin or share these printables. All I ask is that you direct them to this blog post!


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