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Quick and Easy Poke Bowl

 What is a poke (POH-Keh) bowl? In Hawaiian pike means "to slice or cut", it refers to slices/chunks of raw and marinated fish that are placed over rice or any grain of your choice and topped with your favorite vegetables and sauces. The grains can be white rice, brown rice, or quinoa. Vegetables can be edamame, shredded carrots, pickled cucumber, pickled red onions, avocado, and ginger. My favorite poke bowl is the spicy tuna poke bowl. I love it with brown rice but quinoa is also a great choice! My preferred vegetables are always edamame, carrots, onion, and cucumber with eel sauce and spicy mayo.

It is always quite a big bowl for me. Even though a bowl can cost around $12 to 13 each, You will for sure get your bang for your buck. If raw fish is not something that you enjoy, they also have other items that are not raw but definitely good-tasting bowls as well. Depending on the poke bowl restaurants, sometimes they also offer chicken katsu bowls which are my kids' favorite. My husband always orders a California bowl that uses crab meat. Speaking of crab meat, when I crave a poke bowl and we are on a tight budget...I would make a very simple and frugal poke bowl at home! I bought all the ingredients from Aldi except for the edamame for less than the cost of a restaurant-made poke bowl. What's amazing is that the cost to make it will allow you to make bowls for your entire family! You will save more money if you cook the rice at home. I used a ready-made pouch because time-saved is also money-saved in my opinion,

Here are the ingredients that I used to make my poke bowl:

Brown rice

cran meat


Shredded Carrots

English cucumber

Optional: Everything But the Bagel Seasoning

Sauce: Aminos or soy sauce, sesame oil, honey

This is the easiest quick dinner you will ever make. All you have to do is to microwave your ready-to-serve rice and edamame, shred your imitation crab meat, and assemble your bowl. It saved quite a bit of time because I already have my veggies prepped. As for the sauce, I love using Aminos but soy sauce will just be fine. You can also use teriyaki sauce. Sometimes I add rice vinegar to my sauce for a little tang. 

Other veggie topping options are raw or pickled red onions, crunchy onions, sauerkraut, avocados, diced pineapple, mangos, slices of seaweed (snack kind), tomatoes, and radish. Luckily, I also have Everything but the Bagel Seasoning. Otherwise, you can skip it or just use sesame seeds if you have it

You can also use Salmon or Tuna! If you are using raw fish, make sure that you are buying sushi-grade fish from a reputable or trusted store. Canned salmon or canned tuna will be good too! That's what I love about making these bowls at home...you can add whatever fits your budget or use whatever you have on hand.

Another way to add depth to your crab meat is to add a little mayo, salt, and pepper to your shredded crab meat. And yes you can add your favorite hot sauce!

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