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Pureflix: Legacy Peak

 I love stories of redemption, second chances, perseverance, and real-life parenting struggles. Being a parent myself, I enjoy movies that inspire me or give me subtle reminders because we all know how challenging yet fulfilling parenthood is. This movie, exclusively on Pureflix may not be the perfect parenting movie that you are expecting because it does show the hard work we need to put in it especially if let's say with Jason's position (played by Lucas Black)who has no parenting experience at all. He is dating someone who has two kids, grown but not quite adults yet. I don't remember if their ages were mentioned in the movie but I can sense that Ben (played by Roman Engle) is around 10 to 12 yrs old and Sam (played by Kyleigh Bakker) is in her teenage years.

The movie is full of adventure...Physically and relationship-wise. Relationship-wise because Jason is on the adventure or I must say in it for a hard awakening as he tries to win the hearts of his girlfriend's kids and father (played by Todd Terry). 

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The setting of the movie is around the Christmas season. They planned on spending Christmas over at the cabin where Jason is also planning to propose and also win the hearts of the girlfriend's (played by Ina Barron) parents. As Ina (the girlfriend) stayed, Jason took her kids for a plane ride to the cabin. You know what happens when you are trying to please someone right? You tend not to say no. Ben asked Jason (he is the pilot) to go off course/flight to see the wildlife up close and ran into a flock of birds that had caused the plane to malfunction and crash.

They survived the crash and this is how the physical adventure happens. In circumstances like this, teamwork and skills play a vital role. Ben's health (he is diabetic) and Sam's stubbornness will not help them in any way. I did mention, Jason's lack of good judgment as a parent right? Not having any parenting skills at all, they have embarked on a series of wild, crazy, and nerve-wracking wildlife experiences at Legacy Peak. Think about wolves, fire, running out of food, a child getting lost in the wild, and just the increased tension between Jason and the kids. However, I love that faith and prayer played an important role in this adventure. In survival mode, not everybody will keep their thinking straight and hopes high. But, if just one will keep the faith and keep their head above the water to lead... the chances of survival increase.

Just some of the things I find odd is the lack of preparedness, As a prepper myself, I found it unbelievable that an experienced pilot like Jake will not have the proper survival gear or plan. But then again, it is a movie that wants to convey the message of faith that no matter how prepared we are, things can happen without our control. I also did not care much about the lack of respect. Sam is a great sister to Ben. But just the lack of respect for Jason threw me off. Sam's character depicts a teenager who is very protective of her family. There was also a scene where Ben took Jason's knife after being told no, I was literally saying "are you serious" out loud. There were no boundaries. But then again, this boils down to Jason's lack of parenting skills. While he may have a type A personality, he realizes that depending on God is the only constant thing. Dependence on God while our plans do not go smoothly as we want to, can lead us to a better path.


Lucas Black, as Jason (“The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Furious 7,” “NCIS”) 
Todd Terry, as grandpa (“Vindication,” “Fearless Faith,” “Jesus Revolution”)
Ina Barron, as the mom/girlfriend/fiance
Kyleigh M. Bakker, as Sam 
Roman Engle, as Ben 
Director: Aaron Burns (From the producer of Kendrick Brothers movies “War Room” and “Overcomer,” “Beyond the Mask”)


Jason is on an adventure to win the hearts of Noelle’s kids before they marry. The plan for them to fly to her parent’s cabin days before she wraps up work quickly falls apart and the adventure turns into a struggle to survive before this new family can start a life together.

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