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ABIDE Bible Review

 Two years ago my husband and my girls gifted me an ABIDE Bible, NKJV version. I love the subtle color, texture, and specs. While it seems huge, I really don't mind it all. It has so much more tools than I can wish for a Bible to have. The Abide Bible allows me to fully engage in the word of God. I am not a Bible scholar by any means but I have learned so much from this Bible. I am still getting used to the NKJV version as I have always used the New Living Translation (NLT)

Why is it important to fully engage in the Bible? Knowing our God, how we love us so, and knowing who He is, and His characteristics will involve reading the Bible. The more we read the Bible, the more we are equipped to face everything that life will throw at us. It is important to be deeply rooted in His Words and promises. The Abide bible is a great tool for us to start our journey in getting to know Him, and His plans while developing a thriving relationship with Jesus.

While it may seem funny that a Bible has an instruction on how to use it, believe it or not..reading the Bible can be overwhelming for some. Especially for someone who is just a new believer. The Abide bible includes a "How to use" section. As I have mentioned above, I love the specs or the tools included in this bible. Here are the things I love with the Abide Bible:

❤️The Bible has a 365-day reading plan that you can follow.

❤️Book Introductions-the setting, the background of the book, themes, and author. 

❤️Engage through art -beautiful artwork that lets you deepen your meditation. 

❤️Contemplate section- a read, meditate, pray, and contemplate guided practice. 

❤️Praying Scripture- encourages us to personalize our prayers through biblical texts. 

❤️Picture It- allows us to place ourselves in a biblical narrative as a bystander or participant in
 important events. 

❤️Journal- Encourages us to open ourselves to God’s presence, to reflect, and write.

❤️Space on the side- there are ample spaces on the side if you like taking quick notes.

I did a quick flip-through of the Bible on my Instagram account, feel free to watch it here: ABIDE BIBLE FLIP-THROUGH

 Prior to having my ABIDE Bible, my engagement with the word of God stops with trying to read it every day and pray. Truthfully, I am still learning how to pray using the scripture, declaring the truths and promises provided to us. I would have separate books or guided bible book guides to fully study the Bible. And studying the Bible and engaging are both important but two different things. Studying in my opinion allows us to be technically right, we can memorize scriptures all we want. However, engagement allows us to abide and have a relationship with God. As we engage in His Word, we get to know Jesus Christ.

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