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Minno Bible for Kids

 If you are like me consistently checking all the media or any outlet (television or radio) that our kids can absorb...kudos to you. I may get heat for saying this but I think that it is crucial to guide our children when it comes to the shows they watch and the music they hear. Not exposing them to such is not the answer. Guiding and selectively curating what they absorb according to their age and maturity is the answer in my opinion.  There are shows that may be age-appropriate according to media guidelines but it may still help if we check the ratings from a reputable source or watch the movie ourselves first. We can also watch a movie with them, that way we can have the opportunity to answer questions...after all our kids have curious minds.

  There are a lot of streaming channels that our kids can access nowadays. One of my favorites is the Minno streaming service. Minno is filled with fun, educational, exciting, and faith-filled shows. My girls grew up watching Veggietales! I am secure knowing that I can leave them watching the TV while I go for that precious quick shower. Your kids can watch hours of Veggietales with Minno. Not only that,  they have around 123 faith and family-focused shows. Another thing I love is the age bracket, kids as young as 2 can enjoy the shows, and even preteens! Minno streaming service is ad-free, available on iOS, Android, Roku, tvOS, web, and all major platforms (including Apple TV and Fire TV).  

Why choose faith and family-centered shows? Because intentionality to what our kids watch and absorb is imperative. Especially now where we live in a world that has full of blurry lines.  Where we have confused the definition of love to unconditional acceptance in our society. Where the lines between right and wrong, Godly and un-Godly, true kindness and un-kindness, power and abuse of it are downright blurry. 

Speaking of Minno, Minno released a bible for kids. The Laugh and Grow Bible For Kids. It contains 52 five-minute bible stories. Catered toward little children, this sturdy Bible is full of color and fun illustrations! The stories are short but on-point to keep young minds on track. I love that the wordings are easy to understand (it is like sending your kid to a story-telling portion of a Sunday school...fun!) 

There is a family connection area at the end of a bible story. I love that there is an opportunity to connect as a family. You will be surprised by the minds of your young ones! These small opportunities really reveal their hearts.   There are also prayer prompts, they are short but as family, we n always encourage them to say more...to talk to Jesus because while he knows what is on our minds, He longs to hear from us.


Author: Phil Vischer 

Publisher: JellyTelly Press.

Format: Hardcover, 344 ages

Age Recommendations: 4-8 years old


Includes 52 beautifully-illustrated Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation 

Family Connection at the end of each story makes this children's Bible perfect for family devotional time. 

Features bonus content including maps, charts, and other tools not usually found in a Bible for kids 

Clearly teaches kids ages 4 to 8 about God's love and the gospel.


Get your kids the Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids! Inside the Bible, you’ll find a coupon for 2 FREE months of Minno Kids, giving you instant access to hours of faith-filled shows. (Special offer ends April 30)

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