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Purify My Heart Book Review

 Do you have a prayer journal? If you are not familiar with a praying journal, in a nutshell, is a written form of all your prayers or written conversation with our Heavenly Father. It can be a small notebook or large, really any kind of journal where you get to write your prayers not just for other people but also for yourself. I see it as another channel of talking to Jesus. A prayer journal can be different from you and another person, meaning it is unique to whoever owns it. My prayer journals are full of prayers for my friends, family, and personal ones. I also doodle Bible verses as a reminder for those prayers. The majority of the pages from my prayer journals are like personal letters to Jesus as if I am really writing Him a snail mail. Some letters are full of joy and thankfulness, and some are emotional pleas.

 You can also draw or make some artwork in your prayer journal. I am in awe of those journals I see on Instagram and Pinterest, the artwork is just beautiful and inspiring. While I wish that I can make beautiful watercolor art on my journal, I do love my prayer journal. Especially, when I get to read and go back to my prayers that had been answered. Truthfully, the majority of the prayers in my journals have not been answered yet. And that is okay! It doesn't mean that God is not working. He also works for our own good. Sometimes an unanswered prayer is a "not yet" answer or it can also be the "best no" answer.  Furthermore, praying for another person and making sure the prayer is written in your own personal journal so you can repeatedly pray for them is the best expression of love. 

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 If you don't own a prayer journal yet, I highly encourage you to do so. It is also a powerful way to engage with God. It has the ability to build your faith muscle and pit your journey of faith on a good foundation. To begin with, all you need is a notebook/journal and a pen. If budget allows,  journal writing materials are fun to buy such as different colored pens, highlighters, colored pencils, and gel pens. Those are not must-buy items. God sees your heart and not the items you will use while you speak with Him. He wants you to spend time with Him, through Bible reading and reflections, worshipping, praying, and yes, journaling too!

 I am fortunate to be able to read and review, Purify My Heart, A Dialogue with Jesus by Isabelle Joye. As you can already tell, this book is a devotional book...unique in so many ways. 

  Purify My Heart is such a unique piece of devotional. This book takes you deep inside the author's heart and soul as she shares her own personal prayer journal. Yes! You read that right, each page is a piece from her prayer diary to Jesus. How beautiful and sweet it is to share your personal prayers! You might think that it may contain personal details of other prayer requests that she may have received in the past. Actually, the personal details of other people are not included. What's included? Her deep personal journey of faith with Jesus.

  On each page, as she shares her struggles, I can't help but think how raw and valid her emotions are and at the same time...I am amazed by her heart to praise Jesus. I must admit that in the midst of struggles or hurt, I often forget to praise! Her prayers are relatable and easy to read. However, it is deep enough to inspire you. As you read her struggles and victories, she will always declare Biblical truths such as how much Jesus loves us and His unending grace and mercy. 

  I also love the "snippets" of conversations from Jesus to give you a clear dialogue.  Jesus equally loves us all. While our walk with Jesus can be all different, her dialogues with Jesus will still ring true to all. How lovely and joyful it is to spend our quiet moments with Jesus and hear Him. 

 This devotional reminded me that if Jesus had put something into your heart, He will equip you with all the things you need. Little did Isabelle know that her prayer diary will be published for us to be inspired and moved. She listened to the Holy Spirit, stayed rooted in His word. The Purify my Heart reminded me that life with Jesus is not a clear, steady, all-happy path. Following Jesus does not promise a heart-ache-free life, but He promised an everlasting life if we choose to follow Him and abide by His teachings.

 There is also a space for writing our own thoughts at the end of each chapter. This page has a guiding question for reflections. I love that because you get to ponder about your own personal journey. Additionally, these prayers in the devotional books are a result of many years of Isabelle Joye's writing her prayers. It has 52 chapters, one for each week of the year. 

Publisher: Deepriver Books

Format: Paperback, 304 pages

BUY LINK: Purify My Heart, A Dialogue with Jesus by Isabelle Joye


Isabelle Joye came into God’s Kingdom in 1973. In 1980 she was accepted into Bible College, but at that time Jesus led her to 1 John 2:27 informing her that she did not need anyone to teach her that He would teach her through the Holy Spirit. READ MORE HERE.

Purify My Heart shows us what a dynamic prayer journaling time really should be like. I know that we can get so busy and it is hard to find that alone quiet time with Jesus. I will encourage you to start, start where you are. You will never know how much Jesus wants to be included in your daily routine. Start with a prayer diary/journal. Start in a quiet place. You can start with this devotional too! You will be moved and blessed.

Disclosure: I was given a free copy of this book. All opinions are 100% mine. Rest assured that I will not endorse any book or product that does not align with my faith in Christ.  (Read: Full Disclosure)

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