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Summer Reading List for 6th Graders

  Summer is here folks! I must admit that we already started our summer adventures two weeks ago. We have gone camping twice now and looking forward to two more camping trips. My family loves to read and wherever we go, all of us pack a book to read. Every summer, I will make it a point to keep the reading going with my two daughters (4th and 6th graders). Reading is such a fundamental part of learning. There are studies that show that kids who read during the summer will perform better academically because, during the summer, students experience a setback or learning loss that can be explained by a lack of access to reading materials (source).  I suggest making the reading fun and relaxing activity so your child will not consider it a chore. Let them choose books that interest them while guiding them with the age appropriateness of the reading material. 

 During the summer, the majority of the libraries have a summer reading program. It is a fun way to get them to be involved. Our local library offers rewards, shows, and free lunches. You do not even have to purchase new books. We love finding books at thrift stores, garage sales, and our library book sale. This summer I would like to introduce both of the girls to the classics. While my 4th grader will probably not get into reading the classics with excitement, I will more than likely introduce the classic books that have a corresponding movie to watch. It is always fun to compare the book edition from the movie. For example, classics such as The Call of the Wild and The Lord of the Rings were already made into movies. Make sure that you create a relaxing space for them to read and not the space they use for homework or remote learning. I have a reading log for them and will offer rewards for completing a book. It can be a Yogurtland treat or a movie date. It doesn't have to be money or stuff. 

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I am sharing a list of books that we would love to read during the summer. It is a long list and we will more than likely not be able to read it all. I hope that you will find this ist helpful. Every book is linked to Amazon so you do not have to look for it all over the net. For every purchase that you make, I will earn a small commission BUT this does not mean that it will affect the price of the product that you will buy. Thank you so much in advance!

 1. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

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