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10 Ways To Keep Kids Reading During Summer

Summer vacation is here at last! I do not like the very HOT temperature lately, but I am excited to do a lot of fun things with my family. I am filled with fun and educational ideas to do with our girls.   During the summer, reading or grabbing a book might be the farthest thing on any children's minds. Understandably though, who would want to open a book during a summer break? When all they did all school year long was to study.

Keep in mind that studies have shown that kids who read during the summer break will perform better academically than those who do not. So how do we keep them reading? How can we encourage a reluctant reader?

Here are practical and fun ways to keep our kids reading during the summer, PLUS a FREE SUMMER READING LOG PRINTABLE.

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1. Join a summer reading program.

Visit your local library. During this time local libraries are filled with fun summer reading programs and activities. Last year, our local library had a dinosaur theme. It was a lot of fun, aside from the incentive they offer when you read a certain amount of books, every Tuesday they would have crafts and special guests and performers. This year, they are doing a "Galactic Forces" theme. Our girls are excited!

2. Practice what you preach.

Aside from letting them know how important reading is, model the good behavior. Parents who read will more than likely pass that on to their children. Read different materials in front of them.

3. Rent movies that were based on a book.

Get them excited by getting the book, then letting them know that there is actually a movie to watch. Their minds while watching will just spark a whole new level of imagination. Think of James and the Giant Peach, Madeline or even Disney movies..go for it!

4. Do crafts or activities with a book.

I am sure you are familiar with Laura Numeroff's books.  Here are some fun activities to go with her books.

If you read a book about sports, go play sports outside.
If you read a book about a ballerina, do a dress up and recital play party.
If you read about nature, go on a nature hunt.
If you read an I spy book, do your own I spy game outside or inside your home.

5. Keep the books coming and offer variety.

Have you heard of book subscriptions where each month you get a variety of books to read? Some subscriptions offer a surprise subscription. They will send you a book based on your profile descriptions. You can look into subscription boxes such as Bookroo, Literati, Amazon Prime Book Box, or Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

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6. Offer a book when you hear " I am so bored".

Instead of giving them your smartphone or Ipad. Give them a book.  If you ask them  "what book would you like to read ?", more than likely they will answer " I don't know" or " anything ". So instead, give them a book that would spark and hold their interest. Try saying " I know you love sports, here's a book about the hall of Famers" or " I know you love animals ..here's a book about endangered animals".

 7.  Let them read for you.

When I go to the grocery store with just our eldest daughter, I have her read my shopping list to me. Sometimes, I even ask her to read food packages /labels. Different but hey it will keep the mind sharp while doing a mundane task-- grocery shopping. Let them read to you while you are cooking or sorting laundry.

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8. Do your own summer reading program.

We had our kids pick up 10 books each and they will read in two weeks. After that, we give them a simple reward. It can be a dollar store toy, a frozen yogurt date ( yum!) or anything that you know will get them excited.

9. Get a magazine subscription for them.

 There are a lot of magazines that are geared towards kids. We have the subscription for Highlights

Amazon has a wide range of magazine subscriptions for kids that are discounted ( up to 92%).
Magazine Agent also has pretty good prices on children's magazines (30-60%)
  • Sparkle World (6 Issues)  
  • Disney Princess (6 Issues)  
  • Disney Junior (6 Issues)  
  • Zootles (6 Issues)  
  • Thomas & Friends (6 Issues) 
  • Highlights High Five (12 Issues) 
  • ADDitude (4 Issues)  
  • Disney Frozen (6 Issues)

10. Give them a more relaxed schedule and routine.

On school days, I am sure that most of you follow a more strict schedule and routine to avoid chaos. During summertime, offer a more relaxed schedule. Let them choose their own reading time.  Some kids stay up late during summer nights, you can encourage reading by telling them " You can stay late as long as you wish tonight, as long as you are reading a book ". You can also, make a cozy place for them to read, a reading nook.

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  4. Reading TO kids is beneficial as well; my boys may not always feel like reading in the summer but I'll often read a chapter or two aloud during quiet lunches outside.


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