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Easy and Delicious Camping Meals

 Camping season differs if you ask camping aficionados. For some camping should be all year round. Others will tell you that Fall is the perfect season for camping since the weather is cooler. Summer for some is the only camping season. This is probably because kids are off from school and it is such a perfect way to kick off summer vacation. We love camping and the outdoors even though we do prefer to camp during the spring and early summer. 

 Summer vacation is just around the corner, I am so grateful for this school year. Even though the kids needed to endlessly wash their hands and wore their masks with small groups, I am grateful that their school opened. Last year's learning journey was quite different, challenging at the same time for all. Summer vacation last year was greeted with a lot of cancellations, closures, along with different strong emotions. This summer season looks very promising! We have booked a couple of family camping trips plus a couple of weekend getaways. It is not just the camping itself that is exciting. I love the planning that goes with it..meals, what to pack, and trails to discover. Every time we plan on camping I always scour Pinterest for easy camping meals. While I like to keep things simple, I also like the idea of trying new camping meals that my family will enjoy. I keep a list of camping meals in my phone, someday I would like to compile all of it for easy reference. I have compiled 15 easy and delicious camping meals that will surely please your family. If you have camping meals that you always serve that you would like to share, leave me a comment! I would love to try it too.

1.Campfire Pizza Sandwiches by Lets Camp Smore

2. Tacos in a Bag by Food Meanderings

3. Chicken and Veggie Foil Packet by Reuse Grow Enjoy

4. Make-Ahead Breakfast Taco by Bowl of Delicious

5. Camping Breakfast Burritos by A-Z for Moms Like Me

6. Grilled Mushroom Steak by Recipes from a Pantry

7. Campfire Grilled Chicken and Veggie by Intelligent Domestications

8. Pork Chop Foil Packet by Glue Sticks Gum Drops

9. Shrimp Boil Foil Wrap by Son Shine Kitchen

10. Easy Chicken Fajitas Foil Packets by Budget Delicious

11. Campfire Stew by Recipes from a Pantry

12. Hamburger Foil Packets by Neighborfood

13.Cajun Boil Foil Packet by Julie's Eats and Treats

14. Tatertot Meatball Foil Packet by Gimme Some Grilling

15. Cowboy Chicken by What 8 Ate?

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