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Travel Essential Oil Blend

  My family loves to travel and we always enjoy our day trips. A few years ago,  we went on our first international travel to the Philippines. We saved all year long, airfare is no joke for a family of four. I shared in this post: How we Paid Cash for our International Travel ways we saved money and the things we had to sacrifice to make our trip happen. Moreover, in this post: Worry-Free International Travel with Young Kids, we shared how we traveled with young kids (with one toddler during that time). We also shared some tips and things you can do to make airplane travel fun for them.

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 Our daughters are not so young anymore but we still love to explore. Over the years we have streamlined our packing, reevaluated how we spend travel money and learned how to pack good snacks on road trips so we do not always go for fast food or drive-throughs. Those expenses can add up plus the yucky feeling it can give you when you're eating unhealthy foods.  One thing though that we have yet to overcome is our queasiness on heights, mountains that has higher than 6, 000 elevation. A friend suggested Dramamine but I would really prefer to go the natural way. We also tried drinking an electrolyte drink and having some mint flavor candy which I think helps somehow. I have been a fan of Simply Earth for a while now and I was so happy when released a kid-friendly theme last year on their monthly subscription box. If you are not aware of Simply Earth's monthly essential oil recipe box, I will share some resources below or you can visit their website HERE.

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  This travel buddy roll-on recipe is very easy to make. You will only need two essential oils: Head Soothing Blend and Star Anise. Other needed ingredients are almond oil and a 10 ml Roll-on bottle. This roll-on recipe is safe for kids!  It helps with digestion, confidence, offers nausea support, and relief from headaches. 


5 drops Head Soothing Blend

 drop Star Anise

10 ml Almond Oil

10 ml Roll-on bottle


1. Add essential oils to the roll-on bottle and swirl to mix.

2. Fill the rest of the way with almond oil.

3. Replace rollerball/top. Apply to pulse points.

 Here's a recipe card if you want to print it. It is an image so all you have to do is to right-click and save the image into your computer. Feel free to share this recipe card and it will be awesome if you can share the recipe with the link to this post too.

What is a Head Soothing Blend?

Where to order? You can order it from Simply Earth! Sometimes, I use Head Soothing blend in my diffuser after a long and mentally draining day.

How about Star Anise?

Where to order? You can order it from Simply Earth! Sometimes, I also use Star Anise in my diffuser and it smells like licorice. We love licorice candy so the whole house smells like a candy store!

Why support Simply Earth? 13% of the profits help to stop human trafficking. You can read about their cause HERE.

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